Nov 3, 2006

Teen Aims BB Pistol at the Wrong Car

BB pistol (Cedar Rapids, IA) From the Department of Stupidity:

Police in Cedar Rapids arrested teenager who pulled his BB gun on the wrong car on Halloween night, which happened to be an unmarked police car containing two undercover officers.

The officers, thinking the BB gun was real, pulled out their .40-caliber Glock handguns and told 15-year-old Ryon Shelton to drop his weapon.

"They thought it was a real gun," said police Lt. Kenneth Washburn. "He dropped the gun and attempted to run and was apprehended."

Shelton told the officers that he was "just playing around" and trying to frighten people during the Halloween night incident. The teen was cited for assault while displaying a dangerous weapon and released to relatives, police said.


Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

A couple of years ago in Pittsburgh, some kids showed up at a park and did a drive-by shooting with their paintball gun. A guy with a concealed carry permit (I guess thinking that someone was shooting with a silencer, since paintball guns don't sound a thing like real ones) returned fire, hitting one in the leg.

I had toy guns as a kid and knew better than to play tricks on people with them. Darwin in action....

Hooda Thunkit said...

Thank God the officer kept his wits about him. Otherwise, it could have gone very bad for the foolish youth.

I think that it being Halloween just might have saved his life. . .

Anonymous said...

I hate seeing stories like this. As an avid collector of bb pistols I can’t help but become a bit perturbed at people like this. It just baffles me as to why anyone would pull a gun at anyone or anything and use it in a threatening manner. Those who allowed this kid to get his hands on the gun should be held responsible. Can we watch our kids 24/7? No but adults are certain to interact with our children and adults should be held responsible. The solution isn’t to ban or take away air guns but should be to educate and make it very difficult for any minor to posses such an item.