Dec 24, 2006

Crescent Moon in the Night Fog

Waxing crescent moon in the night fog - Toledo (Toledo, OH) I was out for a night walk and decided to catch a photo of the moon, which is in a waxing crescent phase.

The fog that came in this evening created a sort of halo effect around the moon. Despite the festive atmosphere in our house - with visiting relatives and roast turkey - a look above at the heavens felt like a scene out of a Washington Irving or Stephen King novel.

The tripod helped with the photo, but I was not in the mood to play with the aperture or shutter speed to get a sharper image. Besides, I think the fuzziness adds to the mysterious aura in tonight's sky.

Good thing Rudolph's nose is so bright...


Anonymous said...

We saw this moon and my young son said - look the moon is a smile.

Beautiful photo, Mike!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Now you're just showing off Mike ;-)

Tis the season!