Dec 9, 2006

Long-Lost Neil Young Video- "Wonderin'"


Years ago I taped the video for the Neil Young song "Wonderin'" from MTV, but - despite my best efforts at being a packrat - I lost the tape upon which it was stored. I was quite pleased to find that a fellow enthusiast uploaded the video to YouTube.

The clip features Neil looking his looniest as he tries to woo back his true love, who left him for unspecified reasons. He is unshaven, looks like he hasn't slept in a week, and keeps flashing this demented grin as he pleads to his lover to return.

The song is from the 1983 album Everybody's Rockin', which features Neil in a rockabilly mode with backup band the Shocking Pinks. This is an oft-overlooked disc that highlights yet another of the genres Young masters.

A low-budget production, it remains one of my all-time favorite videos. There is also a better-quality version of the video on the MTV website.


microdot said...

Sometimes I can't stand him, but mostly I love his work!
This was great!
I just heard his duet with Jerry Lee Lewis on the new Last Man Standing album.
A Jerry Reid song....Great Neil Guitar solo!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I love Neil Young, but never heard this song, Mike.


McCaskey said...

After 40 years, Neil Young remains as relevant as ever.
Compared to all the sixties' icons (Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Hendrix, Zepplin, whoever else might be on your list) Young's body of work is as impressive as any and, more importantly, he's still doing it.
Had "Harvest" playing in my car's CD player the other day and enjoyed my kids plugging their ears at Young's nasal drone...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike.

Seeing I haven't heard this song again since 1985, it was such a moment to, after 20 years, recite the entire song without flubbing it up.

Appreciate that, buddy.

And Merry Christmas and stuff.