Dec 26, 2006

Nighttime Traffic

Blurred traffic shot with lower shutter speed (Toledo, OH) The arrival of a new camera means hours of enjoyment for the owner of the device.

It also means that those around such persons are subjected to a flurry of experimental photos.

Thank you for indulging me while I play. This photo was taken at the intersection of Secor and Laskey Roads tonight. I've always liked those shots of moving traffic at slower shutter speeds, as brake lights turn into multi-colored laser beams, while cars become almost invisible.

People gave me strange stares as I stood on the corner with my camera and tripod, perhaps thinking I was some sort of traffic enforcement officer. One carload of young women pulled up, asked "what are you doing?" and gave me odd looks when I mentioned I was taking photos of traffic.

To each his own. There was once a day when my youthful nighttime pusuits were similar to theirs, cruising around in someone's parents' car.

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