Dec 24, 2006

On Dressing Up Dogs and Las Vegas, Nevada

Sheltie with a sweaterLeft: Jimmy, our Sheltie, looking a bit forlorn

(Toledo, OH) When I was younger I never much cared for the lengths to which people would dress up dogs in sweaters. I thought of the activity as a sort of cheesy, anthropomorphic trait undertaken by pet owners with too much time on their hands.

Moreover, I always owned large dogs, such as my dearly departed Hershey, a chocolate Labrador retriever who was the ultimate in outdoor dogs.

It was thus with a gimlet eye that I observed my wife displaying little outfits that she purchased for our small dogs.

Westie in a sweaterLeft: Candy, our Westie mix, seems more comfortable wearing clothes

It took a few weeks, but I have become used to seeing my dogs dressed up in goofy dog clothes. I am still more likely to take them off the dogs when no one is looking, but I no longer have the scoffing, anti-bourgeois attitude I once held toward pet clothing.

But if designer dog clothes show up in this house, I am going to raise some serious hell. No dog of mine is going to be a walking advertisement for abject, Las Vegas-like commercialism, or suggesting that people visit websites offering information on Las Vegas real estate.

I have standards, and I there are certain lines I will not cross, although I am thankful that this post has been sponsored. Harumph!

That is, unless I could take the dogs to Las Vegas and get them a gig at one of the casinos, competing with the likes of David Copperfield and Celine Dion for a spot on the strip. Yes, my dogs could garner quite a following at places like Harrah's, the Tropicana, or the Mirage.

Yes, the dogs and I could march down the strip, fighting off Las Vegas paparazzi while sipping those drinks with the little umbrellas in them. Of course, they would be doggie cocktails, and I gave up booze years ago, but we would still be living the high life, Vegas-style.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I would never make my dog wear ugly clothes. Nice Vegas ad, though.


microdot said...

A friend sent us a pair of silly reindeer antlers and ears for a dog as a present for J Edgar. I thought I'd put them on him and take his picture.
Now he won't talk to me, sorry JJ....

Lisa Renee said...

Aubrey dresses up Quilla in baby clothes, the dog gets this look of humiliation in her eyes...

The cats are smarter, the last time she tried to dress up one of them, the cat bit her.


Hooda Thunkit said...

"The cats are smarter, the last time she tried to dress up one of them, the cat bit her."

HAH! I could see that ;-)

Somehow though, methinks the clothes designers are the smartest of the bunch, for it is they who end up with our money...