Dec 31, 2006

Racist Thug Hal Turner Facing the Wrath of Hackers

Hal Turner I have been watching a strange cyber-drama unfold over the past eight days or so involving neo-Nazi podcaster Hal Turner, who has found himself the object of retribution by a loosely-confederated group of hackers called the "Legion of Anonymous."

Turner, for those unfamiliar with his brand of hate, uses his website and podcasts to advocate the murder of "savage negro beasts," immigrants, Jews, gays, congressmen, the President, and pretty much everyone else who does not fit his narrow definition of "human." His greatest claim to fame was calling for the murder of federal district judge Joan Lefkow. The FBI later interviewed him following the murders of her mother and husband on February 28, 2005, but did not find reason to detain him further.

The drama began when Turner published home telephone numbers of some minors who prank called his radio show earlier in the month. After the thick-headed Turner refused to remove this information, the offended pranksters went on the offensive, seeking the assistance of friends on sites such as,, and

In retaliation, they began a campaign of DOS attacks and bandwidth flooding against Turner's site, causing him to shut down the site many times over the last week. Lunkheaded Hal, though, appears to be his own worst enemy, as he continues to egg on the hackers. He published a bloody photo of one of the "attackers" last week - claiming the hacker was the victim of a brutal beating by skinheads allied to him - but it turned out that Hal simply Googled "bloody head" and posted a heisted photo.

Hal now faces a tough decision: shut down the site, thus losing the $40,000 to $60,000 he claims to make from listener donations, or keep the site up, and pay the bandwidth fees to the company that hosts his site.

One might almost feel sorry for the not-so-bright Turner, given his seeming inability to learn from experience.


Given his penchant for promoting violence, Hal will not be missed should this be his last gasp. We are witnessing - in real time - Hal Turner spinning downward, swirling counterclockwise into the virtual sewer of Internet hate, caused by a group of teens with PCs and some serious hacking skills.


Anonymous said...

What a dork (sigh).

Anonymous said...

What goes around, comes around.


7chan clan said...

Say "Howdy" to Hal Turner!

-Sepp said...

"Hate begats hate"...I guess we can see it in action.

7chan clan said...

More info on the Hal Turner bullshit at this link.

7chan clan said...

Here is Hal Turner's blogger page which he redirects to when we sink his site.

Nikki said...

LOL! Mike, this really is poetic justice! The threats he has made and his continued posting of people's personal information had to generate some bad karma for him!

Anonymous has dealt him a pretty lethal blow.

historymike said...

Unless Hal's playing rope-a-dope like Mohammed Ali, he says he's finished. His main website is down, and he is reduced again to blog posts:

My web site server has been turned off

I regret to announce that my web site has been turned off. The attacks against my server proved to be disruptive to the entire Class 1 data center in which it was housed.

I am, as of now, out of business.
Off the Internet, off the air, dead in the water - with remaining invoices for thousands of dollars in bandwidth (intentionally used by the attackers,) on their way for me to pay.

I have been completely and totally destroyed by attacks emanating from a criminal conspiracy of people at, 7,, and others.

These criminals attacked my server relentlessly for ten days. This was criminal and civil Tort under 18 USC 1030, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

They publicly and repeatedly told me they would not stop unless I agreed to shut down my web site and shut off my radio show. This was blackmail; criminal felony Extortion. I would not give in.

They called my house hundreds of times a day with crank phone calls. This was unlawful telephone harassment in violation of state and federal laws.

They placed phony orders for hundreds of dollars in Pizza from Papa Johns, and two other local Pizza shops, DEFRAUDING those companies who delivered those unwanted pizzas to my house. The orders were placed by internet and by telephone meaning the perpetrators committed 3 counts of WIRE FRAUD.

Today (Sun. Dec. 31) alone, three separate Chinese restaurants were defrauded by these same fake orders for food to be delivered to my house. The fraud was perpetrated by telephone, making it 3 more counts of WIRE FRAUD.

They placed fraudulent orders worth tens of thousands of dollars for supplies of shipping boxes, envelopes, labels and packing slips to be delivered to my house from DHL and Ebay. These companies shipped these supplies thinking I had applied to be a new agent of theirs, only to find out when the shipments arrived that the whole order - placed via internet - was faked.

These four for five separate fake orders for shipping supplies came in via internet, making the perpetrators guilty of four or five more counts of WIRE FRAUD.

Since the EBAY supplies arrived via U.S. Mail, the entire fake order constitutes MAIL FRAUD.

The criminal actions of these people have destroyed my web site, my radio show and my web site hosting company. The owners of the web sites,, and were all told these acts were taking place.

Despite being told these activities were ongoing and being organzied via their web sites they did NOTHING to stop it. I even went so far as to contact their web hosting companies who did NOTHING to stop any of this.

As such, I publicly accuse the owners and moderators and staff of those web sites with being accessories to the crimes listed above.

Dariush said...

Hal Turner's just a Sean Hannity acolyte who took his beliefs to their logical conclusion.

The most effective totalitarians are also effective showmen. Where Hannity succeeded and Turner failed is in garnering the support of the establishment, and, by extension, picking the targets of his "wrath" -- "liberals", "illegals" and Muslims.

microdot said...

Wow, what a tale! I had heard of this guy and by checking out the links provided in the posts on this comment page I learned a lot!
Frankly, I have only admiration for you guys who fight back! Sometimes it takes to long for evil bastards like Turner to destroy themselves...
Getting mad and being able to do something about it is sometimes a very positive thing!
Bonne Annee tout le monde!

-Sepp said...

Lemme get this straight, we hate haters who hate us but love to hate them back? Awfull lot of hate involved here.

Anonymous said...

The minors who did this to Hal are bunch of DickHeaded Nigger Dick Suckers

Anonymous said...

"The minors who did this to Hal are bunch of DickHeaded Nigger Dick Suckers"
funny thing is, some of them probably are. that's the thing with the legion of anonymous, it's a huge group of people all over the globe so there's a probability that a couple of anons are "DickHeaded Nigger Dick Suckers", but if that was some kind of insult and attempt to offend anon, you fail at it, most of all because you're an ignorant asshat.
pretty fucking funny that turner and WN in general (read nazis) has gotten an enemy who can't be identified by race, religion or etnicity =)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say it's about hate at all.
turner confronted anon, and there's three things to remember about anon:
"anonymous does not forgive
anonymous does not forget
don't fuck with anonymous"
turner did, unfortunately for him, fortunately for us, not know this, so when he should have just given up he instead just went on and on, giving anon reason to torment with him further. it's not about hate or anti-racism, for the most part at least since i can't speak for anon as a whole, it was mostly because it's really entertaining to see a guy like turner fight a pointless fight against an opponent that is too much for him to handle

Anchorage Activist said...

Regardless of what one thinks of Hal Turner, has anyone stopped to considered the implications of this? A bunch of "Katzenjammer Kids" decided to take the law into their own hands and target Hal Turner simply because they don't like him. The naked amorality of these cyberanarchists is chiiling.

What's to stop them from targetting your bank's website and hacking your account? Or hacking DoD computers and sending defense satellites spiraling into the ocean?

It's time our lawmakers stiffened penalties for "hacking". I suggest that mass attacks on a website such as the ones so shameless bragged about by the "7-Klanners" constitute cyberterrorism, and should be punished appropriately as a deterrent. If these kids cannot play with their toys responsibly, then their toys (and their freedom to play) must be taken from them.

Anonymous said...

@anchorage activist
it wasn't about not liking him, sure, most of anon hates his guts but it wasn't for that reason that it went on. if hal just would surrender (an ACTUAL surrender, not the bullshit "me gives up, lol" he's up to on a regular basis) the whole issue would simply be losing interest from anon, but he always went on and on about "you're all going to pay etc.etc.", taunting anon. this isn't about hating turner, it's about turner giving anon reasons to continue

microdot said...

Let's see, we live in a country with a Homeland Security Department that seems to have a pretty one sided slant as to who deserves to be prosecuted and harassed when it comes to percieved threats against the Administration. Supposedly, tthis enforcement is supposed to affect all citiizens engaged in suspected terrorists acts.
I have read of so many incidents of kids who have said something emotional on line about their feelings about Bush and then have FBI agents come to their school and pull them out of classes...the one incident I just read abouut involved a 12 year old girl in Fullerton, California. On the other hand, legions of right wing demagogues engage in actual threats against government figures, judges they don't like or any one whose opinion they want to suppress...this Turner jerk, Ann Coulter, Matlin...etc...
and instead, they are given publicity and a wider venue to spew their hate. It seems the more vicious Culter, the more she is invited as a guest on the Today Show.
These Hackers didn't threated Turner with physical harm, they just dealt justice that our society seems not to have the desire to do...they pulled the plug on this guys pulpit of hate.
Sepp, I thought a bit about my reaction and your comment and I still feel that it was a good lesson!

historymike said...

The obscene anonymous visitor writes like Steve Holsten (aka Elmer Frazier), of Kennett, MO. He is a regular at NIM Busters, and this is his typical post. He is a dedicated fan of Hal Turner.

historymike said...

Anchorage Activist makes a good point about the evolving legal issues surrounding these cyber-hijinks and DOS attacks.

While I think Hal Turner is a moron, I am not convinced that the Legion of Anonymous methods are ideal.

Still, Hal is bringing much of this on himself, and his decision today to publish hundreds of IPs will only rile up his enemies more.

They are boasting on many websites that they will move to exacting revenge on Hal in other forms (sending unordered merchandise to his house, filing complaints with every imaginable government authority, even ordering pizzas and ambulances to his house).

Those, obviously, are illegal acts, but Hal just can't seem to try a different tactic, like laying low for a week.

Slow learning curve...

Anonymous said...

Hal is too stubborn to admit defeat against what he thinks is a bunch of teenagers. He simply can't submit to anon, instead he struggles to keeps himself afloat, which only makes him look more desperate and pathetic than he already does.
Does he really think he can win? Doesn't he realize that he will just continue to lose if he keeps this up? He has been trying to lie and make stuff up from the start, but his credibility is second to zero about now so it doesn't make any difference.
Both anon and hal most likely got better stuff to do than keep this up. this raid is getting kind of old, so if Hal just could post that picture of himself with a shoe on his head already, then we can move on. that way anon could move on to fresh targets and new lolz, and hal could crawl out of that shithole(that he dug himself btw) that anon kept pushing him into everytime he act like he were someone that was supposed to be feared.

teh anony-mouse messanger said...

Hal has been told repeatedly what he needs to do to get this raid to stop. all he has to do is post a picture of himself with a sign saying "sup /b/? I surrender"

if he just did that, this would all go away

Mark said...

I forget that old saying...something like, "You don't need to worry when they're talking bad about only need to worry when they stop talking altogether."

Good or bad comments Mike, threads like this show that you've got the right thing going on here with this blog.

Stephanie said...

It's almost enough to make me cheer on the hackers. It's certainly a creative form of retribution that is well-deserved. Still doesn't make it right, but sometimes those pesky scales are difficult to balance.

Anonymous said...

As far as i know, no one hacked anything, idiots. its people like you that hackers are hated around the world, please go and fucking die.

- An angry /I/nsugent.

Anonymous said...

Internet! Serious business.

Anonymous said...

Go back to bed Hal.

Anonymous said...

"serious hackers."


Anonymous said...

Had never even heard of "Hal" until earlier today. Was fascinated by one thing he said when he referenced killing members of congress ... That if you use the term "may" there is no real or perceived danger or threat. Excellent! I may be going to New Jersey the end of the month and may want to stop and visit with Hal and his family. Where may I find his home address?

Hooda Thunkit said...

Hal Turner, nimrod of the year for 2006 and 2007!


I mean, gosh, this is terrible ;-)

Anonymous said...

He posted the names of some kids (because they prank called him) to a viewer based that he openly claimed was violent. Tried to intimidate them.

He claims to metephorically spit in the face of the goverment. Claims to be above the law and to be able to "get at" any official he wants.

Then when he is the one being harrassed imediatly starts to cry foul and whine about how he is going to get the fbi involved.

He is either the biggest hypocrit ever or just blowing smoke.

Anonymous said...

I listened to his show a month ago. Guess your dreams of suppressing the free speech of Whites didn't come to fruition, eh? What are your thoughts on the torture and killings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome? Why is Turner one of the few people with the courage to talk about it? You better wake up.

historymike said...

Ah, a true Hal Turner fan, and all the way from College Station, Texas, or so says your IP address.

1. I have no desire to limit speech, and you clearly made use of the Anonymous function to leave your racist filth. So what's your point?

2. Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome were brutally murdered, and their kilers are in on trial and in jail, but the racist thugs want to make politcal hay out of the crime. Y'all are sick.

3. Hal Turner is a conman and a showman. He "speaks out" because he can make a buck doing so. You are probably one of the suckers who sends Hal cash.

Anonymous said...

I moved from a major city where negro vandals defecated upon our cars in the middle of the night and committed other disgustibg and costly vandalism. I thank God every day and night in the small town where I now live - that there are no negroes. We can leave our door unlocked and the car outside without worries. Hal Turner is no nut case. We need more heroes like him.

Anonymous said...

I moved from a major city where negro vandals defecated upon our cars in the middle of the night and committed other disgustibg and costly vandalism. I thank God every day and night in the small town where I now live - that there are no negroes. We can leave our door unlocked and the car outside without worries. Hal Turner is no nut case. We need more heroes like him.

Anonymous said...

I moved from a major city where negro vandals defecated upon our cars in the middle of the night and committed other disgustibg and costly vandalism. I thank God every day and night in the small town where I now live - that there are no negroes. We can leave our door unlocked and the car outside without worries. Hal Turner is no nut case. We need more heroes like him.

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