Jan 12, 2007

Adding a Photography Blog

(Toledo, OH) In an effort to keep this site a bit more focused, I have created a companion blog, Toledo Perspectives.

This blog will be geared more toward my photography, giving me a place to upload photos without boring my core audience here.

I will still put the occasional photo and photo-essay on this blog when it fits the subjects about which I am writing. Of course, with an eye toward commerce, an additional blog has the potential to increase my ad revenue, I won't deny, but I think that a site dedicated to imagery makes a certain sense.

Anyways, thanks for visiting, and if you have some time to kill feel free to visit me at Toledo Perspectives.


Lisa Renee said...

I like the new blog and I linked you over on the Jungle. I'll also add you to LCS. Nice work!


liberal_dem said...

I am always impressed by the subjects of your photography as well as their quality. I will visit your photo page on an irregular basis [due to my memory]