Jan 1, 2007

Contacting Me

Due to problems with spam bots scouring the Internet for live email addresses, I have decided to remove the hotlink to my email address from this website.

My email address is: mbrooks AT utnet DOT utoledo DOT edu.


Anonymous said...

Even though I do not condone murder, I do understand how this could happen. Even though everyone in their church said they were a loving and happy family, they have no clue what goes on behind closed doors. Most women Christians who may or may not be physically or mentally and emotionally abused or who suffer from depression hide what is really going on in the home. We hide it from our closest friends as well as our immediate family. We are actresses that deserve Academy Awards for our performance. No one has a clue what is really going on in our lives. I do not know what happened to the minister's wife, but I do have great empathy for her, because something bad was going on or she would never, never have taken her husband's life.

Kelly said...

Hey Mike,

My name is Kelly Blewett and I'm with the publicity department of WaterBrook Press (a division of Random House). Would you like to participate in a blog tour we're organizing for one of our books, a historical fiction title called A Tendering in the Storm?

A Tendering in the Storm, based on a historical figure of the 1800s, follows the spirited and intelligent Emma Giesy, who achieves her goal of separating her family from the repressive religious community in which she grew up. But unexpected and dire consequences leave her family—and her faith—struggling to survive.

Let me know by Monday, June 18 if you’re interested in participating. I’ll provide a complimentary copy of the book, so please include your mailing address in the reply.

Kelly Blewett

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Anonymous said...

So HM, why did you get into history? To aid in rewriting it? I would advise your not yet indoctrinated followers to take a gander at Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique. It's a wonderfully written tome on what is currently happening to our culture.

See, whether it is the blathering out of the closet zioturds like Michael "Wiener" Savage, or guys like you, the forked tongue never ceases to twist tall tales. I can only imagine how many young minds have been poisoned by your version(s) of so-called "history".

historymike said...

1. Want to provide some examples of how I "rewrite" history, Anonymous?

2. At least I have the guts to put my name behind my work, as opposed to anonymous dweebs who hide behind web anonymity in their attacks.

3. Since you are upholding Kevin MacDonald as a "worthy" intellectual, I assume that you harbor some anti-Semitic sentiments. Do you disagree with this statement? Do you share MacDonald's beliefs that neocons are part of a larger effort by Jews to control the world through "puppets" like Donald Rumsfeld and, by extension, GWB?

4. If so, you may borrow my tin foil to make a nice pointy hat.

DTOM said...

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