Jan 15, 2007

Entry of Bulgaria into EU Changes Political Balance

(Strasbourg) Bulgaria, which joined the European Union on January 1, adds a decidedly rightist element to the European Parliament.

Far-right European leaders plan to declare their official status today as a publicly funded parliamentary group dedicated to the defense of "Christian values, the family and European civilization."

The group, which calls itself Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty, includes Jean-Marie Le Pen, the outspoken French National Front leader. The faction seeks recognition at the opening session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Another member of the group is Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Italy's fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Bulgaria hopes to use its new status as a European Union member to boost tourism. Some of its tourist draws include the skiing resorts Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo, while its beautiful beaches along the Black Sea attract vacationers from around the world.

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Mark said...

What scares me is the draw that these "far-right" leaders have. I believe Le Pen would very well start another World War, if given the power.

JO said...

Jean Marie Le Pen is NOT an MEP.

historymike said...

Ummm...according to this list Jean-Marie Le Pen IS an MEP.

microdot said...

In 1984 and 1999, Jean-Marie Le Pen won a seat in the European Parliament. He lost his seat in 2003 in a ruling by the European Court of Justice for assaulting another candidate.
In 1997, Le Pen was stripped of his parliamentary immunity for his statements denying the Holocaust in 1996 to a German Far Right Group, The Republikaner Party.
In 1999, a Munich court found him guilty of minimizing the Holocaust and fined.
I don't think that you have to worry about Le Pen starting another world war...his main focus is immigration in France. He is able to muster the ignorant masses with his race hate and pose a threat in French elections. The far right is always at war with it self here. Jean-Marie and his daughter Marine were even not speaking until just a few months ago because she was so upset with his stupid nasty statements about the Holocaust.
It's strange because he is able to get votes from the old Communist party members, which was very strong
in the French Rural South. He is still trying to raise his signatures for the presidential race here, always playing the victim, but he always manages to scrape up the required mayoral endorsements. I saw an amusing debate between his daughter and Olivier Besecenot, the far far left LCR (Revolutionary Communist League)candidate, who is a 33 year old postman from Paris. This is his second presidential election and in the last one he managed to get 1.2 millions votes.
Because of the wide range of candidates and the passion of the French about politics, people vote in the first round of the election with their hearts...the percentages are really split, but that's the kind of thiing that mad Le Pen the opponent of Chirac in the last election. Jospin was sooo???? cold?
that he blew the chance the Socialists had to unseat Chirac in spite of the popular discontent with his Center Right UMP Party.
Things are getting interesting here.
Sego? Sarko? stay tuned.......

microdot said...

One more thing department: In my long winded post, I forgot to add the name of the deputy who took Le Pens place:
Bruno Golnich (sp?)he's slicker and a lot cooler than Le Pen and this makes him more dangerous.
The Wickipedia list obviously needs to be updated.