Jan 13, 2007

File-Sharing Website Hopes to Buy Island

File-sharing website The Pirate Bay plans to buy its own island nation in an effort to circumvent international copyright laws. The object of their acquisitive intentions is the 550 square metre principality of Sealand, a former British naval platform the size of a football field in the North Sea that has been designated a 'micronation' by a British judge.

The Pirate Bay bills itself as the "world's largest bit torrent tracker," and its website is a popular way of sharing music, films, and other copyrighted material. It has been on the radar screen of Swedish, EU, and world authorities for several years.

The website was closed for a brief period of time last May after raids by the Swedish police. Since that time The Pirate Bay has alternated its operations between the Netherlands and Sweden.

The Buy Sealand Campaign offers citizenship in the micronation to anyone willing to donate money towards the purchase.


Hooda Thunkit said...


I'd like to be in the courtroom when the first defendant "tells it to da judge..." ;-)

historymike said...