Jan 28, 2007

Full Court Shot Nails Little Kid


I feel sorry for the recipient of this errant shot, but you have to admit this video is pretty funny.

You may have to watch it twice to see the events unfold.


Ltlop said...

I saw this today while I farking earlier and laughed my dupa off!

Actually, the parents should sue the school system for negligently allowing the basketball to leave the field of play furthermore they should require the district to install netting around the court to prevent such "accidents" from happening again. They should also bring suit against the player for recklessly throwing the basketball and missing the basket thereby causing their little darling to temporarily suffer emarassment in the public setting. Finally the state should step in and require all children under the age of 6 wear suits made of bubble wrap and rubber.Failure to so or if any parent were to publicly scold their child thy should be charged with child endangerment.

Mark said...

Hilarious, Itlop. It's everyone's favorite game of "How Many Attorneys Can We Get Disbarred From The Events of This Video!"

And it really was funny...

Hooda Thunkit said...

Entertaining Mike ;-)