Jan 30, 2007

Mystery Ice Crushes Florida Car

Ford Mustang smashed by a mysterious piece of icePhoto of Mustang courtesy of FOX13-Tampa

(Tampa, FL) An 18-inch chunk of ice fell from the sky on Sunday and crushed the upper portion of a Ford Mustang belonging to Tampa resident Andre Ravage.

Neighbor Raymond Rodriguez was changing a tire on his car when the ice fell from the sky.

"I was scared," Rodriguez said, adding that he was only a few feet away. "It's crazy, man."

People in the vicinity heard a whistling sound before seeing that Ravge's car was severely damaged.

Inspectors with the Federal Aviation Administration are reviewing flight schedules to determine whether the ice came from an aircraft, but witnesses said that the frozen chunk did not bear the telltale blue tint nornally associated with frozen lavatory discharge from a plane.

If mysterious falling ice does not deter you from considering Florida properties, follow the link to learn more about owning property in a state not often known for airborne ice bombs. This was a sponsored post.


Anonymous said...

If only I had some Euros, I'd be all over that UK site.

jen said...

Let's see, hurricanes, 98% humidity, cockroaches the size of mice, and now falling ice? I think I'll pass, even though I'd be glad to leave some of this cold behind.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Nice tie in ;-)