Jan 17, 2007

Ohio Boys Commandeer Historic Locomotive

Hocking Valley Scenic RailwayRailway image courtesy of Hocking Valley Scenic Railway

(Nelsonville, OH) Two boys escaped from a juvenile detention home in this Ohio city and took a joy ride on a locomotive Tuesday.

Nelsonville police said that 13-year-old Zachary Walden of Portsmouth and 16-year-old Matthew Burks of Proctorville walked away from a residential treatment facility in Nelsonville, which is located about 60 miles southest of Columbus.

The boys were able to start the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway locomotive early Tuesday morning after breaking through a side door into the garage that stores the engine, said Sgt. Edward Kurtz.

No cars were attached to the engine, which typically carries weekend tourists. The boys face juvenile charges of burglary, theft and escape.


Mark said...


microdot said...

I love old trains, I hate to say it, but I'm almost envious.

The Screaming Nutcase said...

Yeah, me too. And to think that people would bother boosting a Mustang when they could do this!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Q. Did they signal properly when approaching crossings?


Anonymous said...

Maybe they watched the movie Tough Guys with Burt Lancaster and Kirt Douglas.