Jan 11, 2007

On Canine Expressions

(Toledo, OH) Yes, I blog far too often about my dogs, but I find them to be interesting photo subjects. I am especially intrigued with the facial expressions that dogs are able to demonstrate.

To the left is our Sheltie mix named Jimmy. He has just heard the magic word "treat," but seems to be exhibiting some skepticism borne from children who like to say the word and not deliver with the customary dog biscuit that is supposed to materialize when the magic word is spoken.

Bad children. Good dad. He always delivers the goods when he says "treat," unlike those teasing kids. Grrr!

Candy, our Westie mix, looks up after rooting around in a pile of leaves for something that only a canine nose can detect. She is responding to the sound of her name, and glances at me with what appears to be a combination of inquisitiveness and impatience.

"Look, I'm busy," might be her choice of words, were she able to form sentences and speak them, dried leaves and assorted yard mulch hanging from her mouth.

I am convinced that dogs operate on a level different than that which we do. They are certainly empathetic, and seem to understand the moods of the humans around them. They also seem to display the cognitive ability to read human faces, picking up on social cues.

True, I might be anthropomorphizing, but I think there is more going on in the heads of dogs than we give them credit for..


Anonymous said...

Cute doggies!

historymike said...

Thanks, anonymous. They bring joy into our lives.

Jeffrey Smith said...

The people who complain about anthropomorphizing, where dogs and cats are concerned, haven't dealt with them very much.