Jan 28, 2007

On Violent Acres

I know that I am likely the last person on the Internet to become acquainted with the blog Violent Acres. I have weeks in which I can't even keep up with answering the comments on my own blog, let alone wander aimlessly through the Web looking for more sites to take time away from my work.

Violent Acres is written by a woman whose blog header announces: "I’m just like you, only I’m interesting and my life isn’t devoid of meaning." Her writing is, by turns, caustic, introspective, and hilarious, and she might best be described with the witty summation developed by blogger Zero Boss as the raging id of the personal blogosphere.

The author has been accused of being insensitive, and her posts hold little back. Still, narratives like her embarassing visit to the DMV show that she is not afraid to skewer her own foibles, and this element of self-deprecation makes her externally directed barbs more tolerable.

Speculation runs rampant on the Internet about the true identity of Violent Acres. Some pundits go so far as to suggest that the author is actually a mysoginistic man. I prefer to simply read the posts and accept the writing (and the writer) at face value.

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Lisa Renee said...

Well, I'd never even heard of her blog until today. Good thing one of us is paying attention to what's going on in the blogosphere...