Jan 3, 2007

Receding Floodwaters

Ottawa RiverLeft: Ottawa River, Toledo Ohio

(Toledo, OH) When I drove past Ottawa Park Monday evening, the Ottawa River had completely flooded the lower ground. The footbridge was all but invisible, with only the top of the handrail visible.

The waters have receded today, although they are still above their normal levels. Massive sections of tree trunks were strewn along the banks, and one particularly large tree was wedged under the bridge.

Ottawa River The water rushed through the park with an audible roar; the Ottawa, a normally placid river, is still a raging torrent of boiling water even though its level is falling. Being caught in its rapids or undertows would be dangerous today.

Workers were busy in the park this morning, picking up debris and marking off dangerous areas with yellow caution tape. The floodplain of the river in Ottawa Park is also part of the golf course, and the warm weather is sure to bring out the duffers in the next few days.

For the park's waterfowl, today was just another day of doing whatever it is that ducks do all day.

These Mallards were swimming in the park pond, seemingly unaware of the damage wrought along the Ottawa River. Shouts from a group of nearby kids caused them to take flight, wings flapping over my head like helicopter blades.

City parks are like oases in the middle of urban sprawl, places where weary travelers can drink from the refreshing spiritual waters to quench their thirst for nature.

It's too bad the water itself is not fit to drink, but that is another story altogether.


Jeffrey Smith said...

I grew up ( let's rephrase that, I was raised ) downstream from Johnstown. I know just what a placid river can do when it's in a bad mood.

Do said...

A couple years ago when the Ottawa River flooded I went down there to take a peek. While soggy, it was also mesmerizing. The slight froth on the rushing water, the sounds of the water and the wind (it was a windy day), and the quiet eeriness was an experience to be remembered. The overall damage is not to be taken lightly, but when Mother Natures rales against the world, it is definitely her call.

McCaskey said...

Giving that new camera a workout, eh HM?

liberal_dem said...

The Great Black Swamp would like to reclaim its rightful place in this neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

ITA with liberal_dem. A lot of people don't realize that flooding and dampness is a common thing in this area especially from what we've seen this past year with the non-stop rain and flooding. Best bet is to get insurance to cover the liability; just like if you are going to live in LA you get yourself covered with the earthquake insurance.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I've been watching the Ottawa for over 50 years and am confident that it will continue this behavior.

So watch Hizzoner put it up for sale/development too, on the condition that the developer includes a bike path...