Jan 3, 2007

Thoughts on "Toledo Pride"

Toledo Pride (Toledo, OH) Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner unveiled a campaign called "Toledo Pride" a few months ago, which makes use of outdoor signs as a means to bolster local self-image and create an atmosphere attractive to outsiders.

I originally wanted to just take a picture for my collection of the "Toledo Pride" lettering on the Nebraska Avenue bridge over I-75. As I drove up to the bridge, though, I saw the sign from different perspectives.

This image is taken from Weiler Street near Hamilton, as the sign would be seen from the public housing complex. Hard to have pride in Toledo when your circumstances are reduced to the point that you are living in such a neighborhood.

Toledo PrideCrossing over the Nebraska Avenue bridge, I inspected the "Toledo Pride" sign, which was secure and graffiti-free, much to my surprise. Were I a betting man, I would have given the letters about one month before being vandalized.

Maybe there is something to "Toledo Pride" after all.

On the east side of the sign is some light industrial and municipal property. Strewn throughout the area is a great deal of trash, and weeds fill the vacant land once occupied by industry.

It is hard to feel pride for Toledo standing on the land to the east of the sign, unless you are of the Rattus rattus species.

Still, given the more egregious wastes of taxpayer dollars, I suppose a little civic cheerleading causes no harm.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I looked at each other and laughed out loud recently when we saw one of those. You don't get pride by putting stupid looking letters over an ugly stretch of road.


liberal_dem said...

Do you mean to suggest that PRIDE is more than a sign and a cheer?

Anonymous said...

I think the sign is brilliant considering most folks in this region are so hard on themselves and negative about a lot of things. People need to appreciate the quality of life we have considering a lot of places around the world. I guess we are a bit spoiled--aren't we?

Mark said...

Nothing wrong with a little civic pride. Nothing at all.

But I think you should give the graffiti a little more time to appear.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I wish that we had a mayor with enough sense to realize that the money spent erecting this sort of foolishness would have been better spent cleaning up the neighborhood.

Then again, how long before the neighborhood would return to its current state.

Seems that there are multiple generations in this and many other neighborhoods that have grown up expecting others to clean up after them.

And, there lies the real problem. . .