Jan 11, 2007

Toledoans Protest Bush's Plan for a Troop Surge

Toledoans protesting Iraq war (Toledo, OH) Dozens of Toledoans gathered at the corner of Central and Secor this evening to protest President Bush's decision to send an additional 21,500 troops to Iraq.

By 5:15 I counted 44 protesters for the event, which was sponsored by the Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition. The attendees ranged in age from 8 to... well, something much older.

There were many passing motorists who honked in support of the antiwar message. In my unscientific assessment it seemed like there was a greater number of honking vehicles than similar protests since the war began in 2003, and I did not hear a single counter-message shouted out.

Toledo woman holding antiwar sign One protester, who declined to give his name, said that he was "shocked" when he heard that the President wants to send additional U.S. troops to Iraq.

"I thought that the November election was supposed to be a wakeup call for that bumbling idiot Bush," he said, waving at a honking motorist. "It's like he's not even listening. We're out here to tell George and his cronies that the American public is fed up with this illegal war."

After last night's speech by the President, such sentiments are likely to be expressed by more people.

For more information on how you can make your voice heard about the debacle that is the Iraq war, visit True Majority Action.


microdot said...

Geez, 44 people is kind of lonely, I hope more showed up later.
If I had been there it would have been 45.
The news of the American action against the Iraniian embassy in Iraq is very scary. This was a deliberate provacative illegal act and a fishing expedition. I'm sure in a few days we will see new evidence freshly cooked and well seasoned to convince us of Irans guilt.
If Iran is attacked by the US, all the rules go out the window. The mechanism of our lumbering behemoth government is too glacially slow to deal with an impetuous madman.
...By the way, Mike, if you scroll down at my blog, you can meet my buddie, J Edgar. I have a photo of him that you should click on and enlarge and then tell me what he's trying to say!

historymike said...

For Toledo in January, it was a good turnout, Microdot.

I'll check out the J. Edgar pic.

Randy said...

Sounds good mike. My report of the Boston rally is on the AmericaSaysNo.org reports page. Could you add yours? There is a menu entry for Northwest Toledo. Tnx.

Randy said...

Long as I'm here, how bout you look at a post on my own blog called What We Got Here is a Failure to Communicate.

liberal_dem said...

Mike: I didn't see you there or else your hat was pulled down so far over your face to defer the nasty wind. Glad you covered the event.

Most of the folks there were 'veterans' of the street-corner rally here in Toledo. They've been on a street corner every Sunday since October 2002.

Only now are the passers-by understanding their 4-year-old message.

One lady I spoke with showed me her sign and said, "I've had this baby since '02."

historymike said...

I also shaved my beard last week, LD, so I might have been missed that way. I go through phases: beard on, beard off, goatee, sideburns, clean-shaven.

Gotta keep my Nazi stalkers guessing (statement only slightly tongue in cheek).

I like to cover the antiwar protests for several reasons. The obvious one is that I have been against this senseless war since its inception, and I also like to give a more objective perspective that is often lacking from the mainstream coverage.

Often antiwar protesters are portrayed as kooks, or the TV cameras will pick out the most outrageous-looking protester as an example of what "they" are.

As you know, people from all walks of life were there yesterday, not just the "aging hippies" that a commenter at SwampBubbles derisively called them.

BTW - I was there from about 5:05 to 5:30. I am 6'5", and I came with my equally gawky 16-year-old son.

wjohnson said...

Hello Mike,
Here is the latest from the Mid-Atlantic state of Maryland. FYI!

At 6:30 AM EST this morning I just heard my friend, Congressman Wayne Gilchrest (R) of Maryland, say on Public Radio that he is against the Bush troop buildup in Iraq. He also went onto say that there are members in Congress making contact with both Iran and Syria going around the Bush Administration with regards to the Iraq issue. He said this is what Condoleezza Rice should have been doing all along. The Congressman went onto say that for Bush to ignore the senior Generals’ and the Iraq Bi-Partisan Commission’s recommendations and order the 22K troops into Iraq is just beyond all comprehension. (I should add that Wayne Gilchrest was a marine who served in Viet Nam)