Jan 13, 2007

Trevor Whittaker, 1942-2007

Trevor Whittaker Kudos to National Nitwit for uncovering the sad story of British musician and sometime member of the Rolling Stones Trevor Whittaker, who died today of pneumonia. The unofficial "Eighth Stone" was 64.

From the obituary:

Whittaker was active in the London rhythm and blues music scene that spwaned the Stones and many other sixties rock acts. A multi-instrumentalist, Whittaker occasionally filled in for members on tour, and performed on a number of Stones recordings.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of him before, but RIP anyways.


microdot said...

Amen, Trevor. His was a name I saw on record credits for quite a few years.

Today on my blog, I attempt to give some background to the French Presidential Race, which is really heating up!

historymike said...

I suspect we'll be hearing more about Trevor Whittaker after his death than during his career.