Jan 26, 2007

U.N. General Assembly Adopts Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial

United Nations General Assembly (New York) The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution condemning any attempt to deny the Holocaust. Iran's UN delegate was alone in speaking out against the measure.

The resolution condemns "without any reservation any denial of the Holocaust" and "urges all member states unreservedly to reject any denial of the Holocaust as a historical event, either in full or in part, or any activities to this end."

"By this action today, the General Assembly reaffirms its condemnation of the Holocaust as a crime against humanity," said the body’s president, Sheikha Haya Al Khalifa of Bahrain. "This is a strong reminder to all that the international community is united in opposing all crimes against humanity. For the dignity of all humanity, we must strengthen our resolve to prevent such atrocities, whenever and wherever they might occur."

The motion did not single out any country, but it appears to be directed against Iran, especially considering the widespread anger provoked last month by its hosting of a Holocaust denial conference in Tehran.


Jeffrey Smith said...

Good move. Now maybe they can deal with a lot of the other pseudo-historical crap that's been spawned in the last couple centuries.

Anonymous said...

What are they so afraid of? If the facts supporting the 'holocaust' claims are there, then laws like this are truly unnecessary, punitive actions against free-inquiry. Facts need no laws to support them. Facts can withstand examination time and again. Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, Darwin, Irving, Faurisson and Rudolf, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts & the legislature to enforce adherence to dogma.

People confuse being told something six million times with knowing something. They are not the same. The average man knows’ the Holocaust exists because: 1) everybody uses the term; 2) he has seen photos of stacked bodies; 3) he has read Anne Frank’s book; 4) authorities agree that questioning any of this is ‘hate.’ In other words, the average man believes in the Holocaust for no logical reason, but out of simple mammalian conformity.

‘Holocaust’ is no ordinary noun. Rather, it is a loaded gun leveled at the head of the West and the rest. Give them their money and their pride of place or get your head and reputation blown off. You will notice that never, ever does debate in the captive media condescend to deconstruct the Zionist Privilege embodied in and sanctified by the designer label ‘Holocaust.’ Worship the Zionists and submit to their demands - that is what the term Holocaust means.

A demand for special privilege protected by a shell of pseudo-history; that is an objective description of the term. The heart of the ‘Holocaust,’ taking at face value the term’s pretension to historical designation, is the claim that six million Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany, most of them by gassing. The evidence for the gassing is never discussed. Photos of crematories and bodies stacked like cord wood are shown. No context or explanation of the reason for showing them is given. The connection is to be assumed. But never is any ordinary evidence, let alone proof, of the gassing allegation advanced. That Jews were gassed is treated as though it were already proved and therefore unquestionable, save by the depraved. Thus, the practical job of the media and the well intentioned everyman is to smear and ostracize anybody who argues against settled truth. We all know that Jews were gassed, and that those who say otherwise are deniers driven by hate.

We are told repeatedly that the ‘Holocaust’ is both the worst thing that ever happened and the best documented thing in human history. We are to take these assertions on authority, since no genuine debate is allowed.

There are men who can prove the ‘Holocaust’ is a Big Lie.

You can find them in jail.

Their imprisonment is scarcely mentioned in the mass media. Their imprisonment goes unlamented by the mass columnists. To discuss these men and their work would endanger the Prop-sphere the media construct. They must disappear.

But we know, mass media. And we’re not going away. We’re getting louder and stronger. And there’s nothing you can do to stop us.

historymike said...


I am not sure what disgusts me more - your anti-Semitism or your ignorance.

Most of your response, by the way, has been copy-and-pasted from elsewhere.

Paragraph 2 was taken from here.

Most of the rest of your paragraphs was pilfered from an article written by Alex Linder (of VNN fame).

I find it ironic that you accuse most of the world of "simple mammalian conformity" for believing in the historical truth of the Holocaust, yet all you can do is reprint the blatherings of confirmed anti-Semite and racist Alex Linder.

At least the intelligent racist right doesn't lie about history. While I abhor their racist views, those who make the argument that Hitler "didn't kill ENOUGH Jews" are intellectually honest.

Finally, we agree on one thing: I am not in favor of jailing morons who deny the Holocaust. This only makes martyrs out of them.

I say: let Holocaust deniers stand on the corner and spout their idiocy at the top of their lungs. It only makes them look like the imbeciles they truly are.

microdot said...

Mike. amazing that you could come up with the text that anonymous copied.
Of course it was an easy resolution for an organization ham strung by internal politics to pass. It was a symbolic timely act. To deny the Holocaust is to deny history.
I do feel though, that The Holocaust has been used by Israel to place itself beyopnd criticism. I also feel that in a real world politcal sense, Israel could do a lot to diffuse what it percieves to be an Iranian threat without causing itself even more problems by its overly aggressive stance.
The reach of Israeli influence on American Foreign Policy is well documented, but to talk about it is one of Americas taboos.
There has to be a way out of the seemingly endless escalation between tthe Israeli world and the Arab world that doesn't involve one side engaging in the destruction of the other.

historymike said...

Agreed, Microdot, that there are many people who want to politicize the Holocaust for unrelated ends.

I am highly critical of the Israeli regime, and I think that the Palestinians got a lousy deal in 1948. That being said, I will ceaselessly fight against the sort of historical lies being promoted by the anonymous stooge above.

And I certainly welcome open research on the Holocaust, including that by people like Norman Finkelstein, who questions the rise of the "Holocaust industry."

I am appalled at how easily duped many of these Holocaust deniers are, though. Their unabashed anti-Semitism makes them easy prey for the buffoons who peddle Holocaust denial propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Now if we could only get the U.N. to pass a resolution aimed at Turkey to recognize the Armenian/Assyrian/Greek Genocide of 1915. For it to mean anything it would have to include the Assyrian and Greek part of it too. Most European countries that have brought up initiatives on this topic solely cover the Armenian losses of up to 1.5 million people while ignoring the 750,000 Assyrians and 250,000 Greeks that died in the same wave of killing perpetrated by Turks with the help of the Kurdish mercenaries in the area.

Hooda Thunkit said...

The U.N., an elderly toothless lion with a severe case of the mange. . .