Jan 4, 2007

Waiting for the Rain

(Toledo, OH) The forecast for the next three January days here in Toledo calls for rain, rain, and more rain. The wind is blowing strong out of the southwest, and we are but a few minutes from an extended drenching.

My dogs seemed to sense that there is a change in the weather. Candy, our Westie-mix, kept looking up into the wind with a less-than-enthusiastic eye; while she enjoys stomping around in puddles, she is not a fan of being rained upon.

Jimmy, our Sheltie-mix, seemed equally out of sorts when we went outside about 2:30 to play. Gone was the bright sun from this morning, and in its place were ominous looking grey clouds.

The UV filter I used when I shot these picks highlighted the pre-storm gloom. It is getting dark, and there is nary a shadow to be seen in my yard.

We walked back into the house with the knowledge that this will be a good night to read a book, or chew rawhide.


Anonymous said...

Cute doggies!

Stephanie said...

Your puppies are adorable! Did you take classes to learn all this photography stuff, or did you learn it be trial and error?

historymike said...

No, I have never taken any classes, Steph, although my wife has "schooled" me in the fine arts of imagery. She's a much better photographer, and has done some professional work.

Me, I just keep pointing until I get something that looks decent.

Stephanie said...

I remember trying to take pictures of clouds (before digital cameras were common place) and spending two rolls of film. Not one captured the image I was trying to get, yet you've got lunar pictures and other very impressive scenery pictures. I commend you!

Kathleen Marie said...

Beautiful dogs and I have been doing a lot of reading lately as well. We have had rain, ice, snow... quite the variety for the Black Hills.

Happy New Year to you!

crizette said...

Cute dogs and very nice pics here! Is is actually true that animals especially dogs can sense the change of weather? Others said they can sense disasters coming as well.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I never knew that you were a fan of chewing rawhide ;-)

Cute dogs :-)