Jan 5, 2007

Warm January Weather Tricking Nature

(Toledo, OH) It's not quite the same as blossoms in Brooklyn, but the warm weather here in Northwest Ohio has produced some unusual natural phenomena this January.

My rose bushes have begun to sprout leaves and new branch growth. This typically happens in March and April in my neighborhood. The grass in my lawn has stayed a lush green all winter, and it looks like I might need to cut it if it stays warm for another week.

This earthworm, although it was not able to dodge traffic on my street, was driven from the ground by the heavy rains of the past 24 hours.

I am also seeing some leaf buds on a crabapple tree in the yard. If we ever do get some of the notoriously cold weather this area is noted for, the local flora and fauna will be in for quite a shock.

As will I, because I am getting used to the relative warmth, and I will not be chagrined if we stay in the 30s and 40s all winter long.

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Valbee said...

I'm hoping it stays like this all winter. For some reason, this year more than most, I was dreading the thought of shoveling snow. Maybe because there are two less cars in the driveway leaving clear spots?


historymike said...

Sounds like a forlorn country song:

"Two less cars in the driveway this year,

Think I'll go and drink another beer."

Or something...

Mark said...

I'm thinking that this global warming thing needs to be taken a little more seriously each year...

liberal_dem said...

"Unusual weather we've been having, ain't it?"

Our hyacinths shot their flower spikes up in mid December, so I dug them out and all 5 of them bloomed nicely indoors over the holidays. It was odd smelling spring in December.

The Screaming Nutcase said...

God bless El Nino--current forecasts suggest we'll be in for more of the same through May.

microdot said...

today I took pictures of oyster mushrooms freshly growing in the forest, normally they stop at the first frost. We had our week of frost, now it's rain, rain, rain for the next 10 days at least and no freezing temps in sight either.
It always gets colder in Febuary, but this has been a strange January everywhere.
Today I read that Exxon/Mobil has spent over 16 million dollars to fund studies that could be used to disprove global warming. There are a lot of bloggers out there making a living it seems trying to disprove global warming and discredit Al Gore. They are armed with the "facts" from the Exxon funded studies.
If anyone has any comments and photos about what they think is global warming phenomena in your own backyard, I'd be interested in publishing them on my blog!

historymike said...

While I am more inclined to blame El Niño than global warming for our current mild winter, I agree that too many people want to ignore climate change.

The big question, of course, is how much we as humans have influenced the current period of warming, and whether we can bring about climate change through man-made techniques.

I also wonder if - even if we can develop the technology to make global changes in temperature - we might be opening a Pandora's box of unintended consequences.

microdot said...

I think you should stop thinking locally about weather and the existence of global warming. On a global level there is real phenomena taking place now! The Artic Iceshelf is disappearing incrementally every year. At the current rate, it will be gone in 25 years. The snow in the alps is lasting shorter and shorter periods. The Swiss are experimenting with "sunscreens" to save the glaciers.
Islands in the Pacific where there have been humans for many centuries are now uninhabitable because of the rising sea level. There is no more fresh water and the land surface is disappearing.
Even our government has admitted that because of the shrinking polar environment, the polar bears are an endangered species.
It won't be a matter of trying to artificially manipulate the weather because the technology to even try to do anything on that scale is simply theoretical at this point and as you point out, would mans' manipulation do more damage than good?
If this is the attitude of Americans, still waiting for more evidence...and the evidence you are presented in the mainstream media is to put it lightly, "tainted", then the only solution for our children is to see how we adapt. Gee, that might even answer a few questions about evolution if there is anyone around to keep asking them.

Hooda Thunkit said...

The evidence is clear, the climate is changing, just as it has for eons upon eons, but to our short lives it appears unusual.

And some are so arrogant as to attribute most of this to man's activities...

Just look at a volcano, tornado, or even a thunderstorm and realize how powerless we are to affect such changes.

Although greenhouse gas reduction and all other things "green" are the right thing to do, just because they are...

microdot said...

Hooda, if this is arrogance, I am happily guilty. You talk about the power of a volcano to change the weather...a volcanic event is a rare thing, but thousands of passenger planes spewing thousands of tons of pollution into the atmosphere daily is an event beyond the spasmodic rythmn of volcanic activity.
How many automobiles are on the planet? How little time have the giant industrial cities of China taken to become the most polluted places on earth?
The phenomena of industrial mankind is bigger than any volcano and relentless. Your allusion to our smallness compared to natural phenomena is poetic perhaps but in reality, we busy humans collectively are a natural phenomena of a sort that has never been seen before!
The solutions are at our finger tips, we just haver to have the courage to use them!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not in favor of pollution or of raping the planet.

I just feel that our imprudent activities are contributing just a small percentage of the bigger picture.

Please don't misconstrue my comments as being against what our common sense tells us that we should do, just because it is the right thing to do.

By all means conserve fuel and make our engines cleaner burning and all of that kind of stuff, just don't be surprised when it changes the climate only a little though.