Feb 20, 2007

Being Mocked by Word Verification

(Toledo, OH) From time to time I see some strange letter combinations appear in Blogger's word verification for comments. This particular group of letters popped up when Blogger was running slow and eating my comments on a thread.

I once had the letters STFU also appear in the middle of a supposely "random" string, and I am now convinced that geeks at Blogger are toying with me.

Ye shall rue the day that ye mocked me, oh Blogger geeks, and may thine armpits be infested with the fleas of one thousand camels!


Dariush said...


Yeah, bad joke, but WTF.

Your post still had me ROFLMMFAO.

Anyhoo, TTYL

Hooda Thunkit said...


Many is the time that I've had the very same thoughts.

I experience the STFU sequence frequently myself.

My son knows quite a few folks @ Google/Blogger...,


Come to think, I wouldn't put it past either him or them. . .

microdot said...

These letter identification thingies are the first time that I've found that my dyslexia could actually be an asset.