Feb 11, 2007

Belt-Tightening, the Old-Fashioned Way

(Toledo, OH) Like most Americans in the months after a Christmas binge, my family has had to cut some expenses to compensate for our holiday generosity.

No, this is not a plug for some credit site. You can keep reading.

One of the ways that my wife has found to "create" cash is to liquidate our pantry. Pictured on the left is one of our biggest cupboards, and there is a lower level of inventory inside than I can ever recall. We have been eating a lot of homemade pastas and canned goods, and it's amazing how much money we have tied up just in food.

In a cursory estimate, I think we have about one thousand dollars worth of food at retail prices. By limiting grocery purchases to staples like bread, milk, and cereal my wife has judiciously helped our bank account to grow. This definitely beats the modern American habit of running up credit card debt or - worse yet - taking out one of those exorbitant payday loans.


Anonymous said...

LORD! You need to purge some of those food to the Food Bank for the needy.

Anonymous said...

Mike -- that is one great pantry you have there.

I also want to compliment you Mike on how you are generally so positive about your family. It's not that you and your family don't have certain challenges, but you seem to see things in the "glass is half-full" perspective.


historymike said...

Thanks, anonymous 1 and 2.

It's funny - we pull down like $50-$60K these days, and now we're lower middle class.

I can remember a day when $50K was the wages of a king.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm in pantry envy...my kitchen is so small I store extra items elsewhere. I agree with you though on the wisdom of using up what you have then restocking when items are on sale. Having a large number of children too, it's really the only way to be able to exist.


Anonymous said...

Geeze, no wonder you are a fatass!

LTLOP said...

Anon #3 How could you call Mike a fat arse! Didja see all the salad dressings in that pantry? Hey mike you aint gonna gain no weight eatin all that rabbit food.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Hopefully, your abundant pantry is stocked by using coupons and by buying stuff that is on sale.

Bulk purchases of certain items can also lower your overall food costs.

Anything, IMO to avoid the dreaded payday loan trap. You know if truth in lending still meant something these days, the most appropriate/accurate symbol for these houses of greed would be the pitcher plant...