Feb 13, 2007

Blizzard of 2007 - Continuous Live Driveway Coverage

My freshly-shoveled driveway, mometarily free from snow during the Blizzard of 2007My freshly-shoveled driveway

(Toledo, OH) With nothing better to do, I've decided to post continuous live updates of the Blizzard of 2007 on this site.

Part of this decision, of course, is centered around site traffic. I noticed that my visitor counts were quite high for a day in which I had only created one post, and I saw that people were doing a lot of searching for "Blizzard of 2007."

So I am happy to oblige my new blizzard-seeking readers. We currently have about six inches of snow in my neighborhood, with wind gusts reaching 30 mph or more. Drifts have reached about a foot and a half at the moment.

Photo of Miraculous Statue of St. Francis of AssisiTo the left is my backyard statue of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and a few other things. For some reason the snow refuses to bury him, and even seems to be shifting away from the saint.

I think that I will proclaim this to be a miracle, start charging pilgrims admission, and sell some souvenirs and refreshments.

In the springtime, of course. Not even the most devout will be hitting the highways tonight.

Since adopting two small dogs in 2006 - and previously being an owner of large, outdoor dogs - I have had to learn some new owner responsibilities.

One of these involves shoveling an avenue for the dogs to go take care of business. My old dog Hershey - a chocolate Labrador retriever - just plowed right through the deepest drifts.

My new dogs looked at me like I was insane (which, of course, I just might be) when I suggested that it was time to go outside.

"What?" they seemed to say, looking at the drift that blocked the back door. "You MUST be kidding, dude. Help us out here, eh?"


Lisa Renee said...

Quilla did go out, ran around and then tried to do her "business" until she realized squatting ended her up in the snow. I don't think she'll go out again...

I would not only declare your statue to be a miracle one since the snow won't bury it but make sure you list it on Ebay.


historymike said...

I make take up your suggestion, Lisa, although my wife got miffed when I brought up the idea.


Michael said...

It's not the Blizzard of 2007, it's Winter Blast! (Don't you watch WTVG?)

Blizzard of 2007? You gotta give it a more catchy name.

historymike said...

Yeah, but "Winter Blast" is local.

"Blizzard of 2007" is getting lots of national and international attention. I thought I'd have a chuckle with some Toledo readers, but my traffic on this goofy post is insane.

Lisa Renee said...

Well, I tried to help you find fame.


Anonymous said...

I love the statue picture. Please keep us updated on it and whether the miracle holds.

P.S. I think Winter Blast is on WTOL not WTVG. Unless both are doing that theme....

Lisa Renee said...

AHEM...if you are going to promise continuous live driveway coverage you need to update more.

sheeshhhh (hehe)


Hooda Thunkit said...

You must not have any background in either physics or aerodynamics or you wouldn't have thought twice about the St. Francis of Assisi "Phenomenon.”

Or, St. Francis has a bad case of "gas. . ."