Feb 2, 2007

Boston Ad Pranksters Irk Media


This is a video clip of the press conference with Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens, charged in Boston with planting a hoax device and disorderly conduct in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force ad campaign.

The best part of the video, in my opinion, are the irritated comments from media members trying to get a soundbite. On the advice of their attorney, the men chose not to discuss the specifics of their cases, and instead engaged in a discussion of 1970s hairstyles.

The journalists bait the men with loaded questions, but they refuse to get hooked, and the result is a hilarious piece of absurdist humor, making a biting commentary about both the gullibility of Boston officials and the pompousness of some members of the media.


Anonymous said...


I loved how the reporters kept saying stuff like that.

THAT'S THE POINT, IDIOTS!!!! It's a stupid cartoon! If the Boston police and city officials weren't such morons, none of this would have happened.


The Screaming Nutcase said...

More devices were found in Boston, so the story isn't ending, lol.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I saw this interview when aired.

So this is what passes for reporting these days...

However, in spite of the witless interviewer's best (worst) efforts to snag a sound bite, you must admire the determination of the artful dodger's elusiveness ;-)