Feb 14, 2007

Digging Out from the Blizzard of 2007

A pair of dogs walking in the snow after the Blizzard of 2007 (Toledo, OH) Since the arrival of the Blizzard of 2007, the humans and the canines in my house have gotten a bit stir crazy. We thus ventured out into the post-blizzard sunshine to survey the aftermath of the biggest winter storm in years.

The snowplows have not yet reached the streets near my house, and driving is treacherous on the many of the local sidestreets. I agree with city and county officials to stay at a Level 3 Snow Emergency - stay off the roads for the next few hours until the crews can clear the roads.

A car buried under snow during the Blizzard of 2007 There are many cars like this in my neighborhood, buried under the accumulated and drifting snow. My oldest son, naturally, risked getting a ticket for driving to the business of his friend's parents to help them shovel snow.

God forbid he should shovel a little snow for his own suffering parents, but Oy vey! That's another story (Yiddish expression added to tweak the idiot neo-Nazis who sometimes lurk here and think I'm Jewish).

Toledo missed the full fury of the Blizzard of 2007, but this was still quite a storm. I'm glad we don't live closer to Lima, OH, which received about twice the amount of snow as Toledo.


LTLOP said...

Mike, who would have thought a mensch like you is a meshuggna goy kvetching about the weather and putting your poor dogs in those sweaters. P.s The yiddish I know comes from being a good catholic boy working in a jewish deli and reading Jackie Mason's "How to speak Jewish" Let me know if you want to borrow it so you can piss of the pinheaded.

Lisa Renee said...

Could be worse, the girls dress our dog in pink.


microdot said...

Here we had a huge wind storm, we were lucky but I am storing about 24 bales of hay in the barn for friends with horses. I was rolling out 2 bales just as the storm started to pick up and the wind ripped one of the doors off the barn and it fell down the ramp! The next hour was a mess, trying to rig a tarp over the door and secure the other door in winds that were probably peaking at 65 mph gusts.
It was a lot worse on the coast.
Now the nightmare of getting the huge wooden door up the ramp and jacking it into place...it's just little banged up and none of the old iron hinges seem to be bent.
Oy vey...all this kvetching for bupkis!

Hooda Thunkit said...

"That's another story (Yiddish expression added to tweak the idiot neo-Nazis who sometimes lurk here and think I'm Jewish)."

Mike, you AR as incorrigible as your twisted neo-nazis are stupid... ;-)

Cao said...

Are those dogs hooked up to a sled?


Funny post; but then any temperature variance is attributed to 'global warming' by the environazis these days, even if it's a freezing snowstorm or a hurricane.

Mike's America said...

Mike: It's just like the good old days when I lived in Bowling Green.

Oh the fun we had in snow like that.

Thank God for global cooling.

Nowadays, my parents stay with me for a couple months in the winter. Where I am on the Ocean it rarely snows or gets very cold.

I'm hoping it warms up in Ohio soon.

microdot said...

Environazis? Who said conservatives weren't drama queens?

Margaret said...

Mike, I remember this day so well. It happened the day before I turned 13. My dad worked at the GM Plant on Alexis Rd and drove right past it. He was stuck there for almost a week before he made it home. All you could see of my sisters Camero was the tip of the attena and my uncle plowed a path from our front door to the road. Thank goodness we had a gas stove and a awesome fireplace! thanks for the memories