Feb 12, 2007

I Get Letters from Idiots

(Toledo, OH) As someone reckless enough to put his name, picture, and email out for the world to see, I get a lot of letters, some of which fall into the category of "hate mail." The worst of these are too filled with expletives to get printed, but occasionally I receive mail that can be reprinted without much redaction.

My inbox had a letter from a Nazi thug with the name of Jason Smith (likely a pseudonym), who takes issue with my writing and website. I'll print the letter verbatim and offer commentary afterward:
Hello Michael, I checked out your blogger spot and have the following comments. First of all, you are a Jew. Brooks is a Jewish name, as in Mel Brooks. The Holocaust is a hoax. And you have a bunch of links about "hate" sites, blah, blah, blah, which I detest that term because it's alll a hoax. Just another Jewish attempt to destroy the White race. Toledo is a shit hole, full of Niggers. It is Jews like you who have been working for at least 60 years to destroy our society. You Jews are trying to push the Niggers onto White people. Push Nigger culture. And you Jews are responsible for passing the 1965 immigration act, which allowed tens of millions of brown skinned scum to swarm into our White lands. The Jewish tricks of Jews like you are no longer working, as White people are becoming more and more racially aware. I know many of the Nazis who marched in Toledo and I saw how the savage Negroes rioted.
I really should avoid giving the buffoon any time on this site, but his letter is a good illustration of the mindset of the racist right. A few thoughts on his idiocy:

1. I am a Catholic, although I was born Protestant. Jews are pretty cool, though. If I get bored with Catholicism, maybe I'll convert.

2. "Brooks" is a name with roots in the British Isles, as in "a slow-moving stream." Hence, "Michael Brooks" would be "Michael who lives by the brook." I have a whole assortment of Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic ancestors and - who knows - maybe a couple of Native Americans, African Americans, and Jews way back in the distant past.

3. Mel Brooks is indeed Jewish, but he was born Melvin Kaminsky. He changed his name to get away from the racism of Nazi idiots like you.

4. The Holocaust happened, dude. Why not be like the intellectually honest anti-Semites, who say things like "Hitler didn't kill enough Jews."

5. I use the term "hate groups" to refer to those who advocate genocide and forced migration of ethnic groups they detest. Sounds like "hate" to me, pal.

6. Toledo may, indeed, be a s**t hole, no argument there. But it's MY s**t hole, and I love it. Kiss my ass.

7. I have no interest in "pushing" anyone together. If the handful of hardcore racists want to buy up a couple hundred square miles in Idaho or Montana, have at it. There will be less tension among the 99.9% of Americans who remain, and y'all can have a great time inbreeding and creating a "race" of drooling morons in two generations. Oh wait - you are well on your way to that genetic outcome.

8. The rioting in Toledo on 15 October 2005 featured people of all colors. The NSM did choose a predominantly black neighborhood to pick a fight, so there were more people of color there, but I talked with plenty of neighborhood whites who were pissed about a group of goose-stepping racists dancing around and causing trouble.

9. Unlike you, I was on the ground for the whole riot, and didn't rely on helicopter news video or the testimony of Nazis who ran out of North Toledo before the violence. Bill White and his goons were six miles away from the action, holed up in a tattoo parlor in West Toledo.

10. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...



Brian said...


With the last name "Schwartz", I often am mistaken for being Jewish. Jewish people are ok with me and I find their traditions and strong sense of community fascinating.

I was born a protestant and will die a protestant.

But man, I feel your pain!

Brian Schwartz

-Sepp said...

Who the hell could hate Mel Brooks?

Roland Hansen said...

The 'thing' that wrote the letter demonstrated perfectly the definition of the word ignorance.

Michael said...

You mistaken-Jewish-sounding-last name, Protestant-born, Catholic-convert: Very funny post!

The letter -- sadly, pathetically funny in and of itself -- and your reply combine to make this a post definitely one to remember.

Suss & The Family Stone said...

Michael Brooks -- not a Jew

But guess who is? Hall of Famer Rod Carew! (He Converted)

microdot said...

One of the sad facts of the blogosphere...you learn that they are out there and walk amongst us. II get stuff like that occasionally, but nothing as out and out stupid and ugly as that!

John Spalding said...

Great post, that guy is a jackass. Way to tackle a hard topic with humor and poise!

engineerofknowledge said...

Hello Mike,
WOW!! When I was in the Navy, I was stationed in San Diego for part of my training. One Sunday I went to Bal boa Park to get away from the military life and decompress. As it was I walked straight into a Nazi rally going on. I have not read or heard such crap as I did 35 years ago until this posting. My mother’s side of the family is Schultz and left when Hitler took over the family farm outside Munich. The family also owned farms in this country and yes, we are Protestants.

Maybe we could introduce this person to Barb.

Saskboy said...

I love [maybe love is too strong a word] idiots who latch onto some "fact" like something that happened in 1965 that determined exactly why their life sucks today in February 2007. You'd think they could come up with something that happened while their parents were alive to gripe about instead.

It's a pretty standard formula racist letter/blog comment though.

The X race sucks.
You are/or like the X race.
You suck because you are X.
The world sucks because X were given power during Y.
Kill X. I don't know what Y means, but it makes me sound smart in my head when I remember when it happened, and oh yeah it made X more powerful than me so kill X.

Anonymous said...

Re point #6: Right on!