Feb 4, 2007

Iran to Announce "Great Achievements" February 11

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with Russian Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday with Russian Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov (AP)

(Tehran) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched anniversary celebrations for Iran's Islamic Revolution with a vow to push ahead with the country's controversial nuclear program.

Ahmadinejad said that the Iranian nation is "vigilant" and "constantly present on the scene," and that on February 11 marks the date to demonstrate Iran's "inalienable right" to access nuclear energy.

"The bullying forces are aware of Iran's development and the growing trend of its relations with other countries. Their new plan is also doomed to failure. Therefore, the enemies of the Iranian nation will get nowhere, " he said. "They have mobilized their entire propaganda facilities to prevent our nation's progress, but they have failed in all stages. Today, they suppose that they can disrupt the unity of the Iranian nation, but they will never manage to sow seed of discord among Iranian people."

February 11 is also the final day of what Iranians call the "Ten Days of Fajr" (also known as the "Ten-Day Dawn"), marking the date that Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini assumed power after the fall of the Shah.

Ahmadinejad also added that there will be a series of scientific announcements, one of which might be a purported AIDS cure.

"The world should know today that the capable Iranian nation, relying on its own youths and scientists, has now conquered the peaks of knowledge and science," he said. "During the current week, we are going to announce to the Iranian nation the great achievements the country has made to tell the world that when a nation decides to stand on its own feet to climb up the peaks, God helps it and that nation will embrace victory."

US Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said Iran would face "universal international opposition" if it continued its nuclear efforts.

"If they think they can get away with 3,000 centrifuges without another Security Council resolution and additional international pressure, then they are very badly mistaken," he said.

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microdot said...

If Iran actually develops a nuclear bomb. we will have only ourselves to blame. If we actually attack Iran, it will be the gravest tactical error in our history.
If we were to attack Iran and actually win, which would probably entail us losing ships and lots of casualties as well as spilling over to Israel and Iran...to win we would probably have to resort to some of the new generation tactical nuclear weapons we have developed...if we were to win, we would lose...the US would become more isolated than it is already.
Here's another paradox, Iran is Shi'ite, the insurgency in Iraq is primarily Sunni. This is degenerating into a proxy war between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Saudi arms and money and fighters are going into Iraq. This is docuumented in the press in the rest of the world, it also was the crux of the talks between Cheney and the Saudis last month. The editorials in the Sunni Kuwaiti Press are fostering nonstop fear of a the rise of a new Persian Empire.
I really Amreica is being fed another line again. The news items are thrown out there and the populace is beiong whipped up into a war frenzy against Iran. It doesn't matter that the evidence is often retracted or proven false a few days later, it's just like the Iraq War build up, the real facts are always cast by the wayside after the initial big lie.
I am beginning to believe the quote,
"The American People Like War, As Long As They Are Winning"
Cheney thinks you need a new war.