Feb 5, 2007

Midwest, Northeast Blasted with Arctic Air Mass

Left: Snowfall map courtesy of Intellicast.com

(Toledo, OH) Arctic air blowing in from the northwest continues to bring record-low temperatures throughout the Midwest and Northeast, and relief appear to be at least several days away.

Virtually all schools closed in Northwest Ohio today, as subzero temperatures and wind chill readings approaching 25 below zero caused administrators to cancel classes; their concern had as much to do with diesel engines as it did with frozen children.

My 1996 Saturn groaned, sputtered, but finally fired up this morning, as the University of Toledo was one of the few educational institutions open for business today. The Glorious Revolution, alas, could not wait for a warmer day, although attendance in the class in which I am a TA was well below 50 percent.

Wind chill map courtesy of Intellicast.com

Avoid going outdoors if you can help it for the next two days, and don't forget to limit the amount of time your pets spend outside. If you must travel, be prepared for emergencies, and be sure to bundle up. Despite two layers of clothing, hat, and gloves, I was thoroughly chilled in several walks across campus today. The wind cuts right through your clothes.


Mad Jack said...

I saw that Sylvania schools were closed this morning. I think people are getting soft, as school never closed due to cold weather when I was a child.

I walked the dog last night and again this morning, and the dog happily frisked around in the winter paradise. I got so cold that my hands actually hurt me. Naturally, I have a head cold and feel miserable anyway.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"I think people are getting soft, as school never closed due to cold weather when I was a child."

People (under the influence of the Weather Channel and our local Weatherdroids) are getting soft-headed.

Amazing how a little modern hype can surpass the REALLY bad weather of the Winters of the past. . .

Ltlop said...

I agree people are getting soft, just a little bit of snow and school get cancelled, what are we Florida? Although wiht the extreme low temps I can kinda see canceling school, alot of kids that ride the bus get out pretty early. Being out early in a snowstorm is different than being out in subzero temps especially for a first grader, a high schooler is another thing.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that it is so much that people are "soft" nowadays but that society is law suit happy.

Imagine Johnny's ears get frostbitten because he isn't wearing a hat - the school will get sued for making him stand at the bus stop.

The Screaming Nutcase said...

I remember my high school closing in the cold snap of Feb 1994 for a few days because they had gone through too much of the fuel oil they used in the boilers, and didn't have enough money in the budget to get more--I wouldn't be surprised if a few schools are in that situation.

The rest are pretty weak, though. :)

historymike said...

Growing up in DEtroit in the 1960s and 1970s, I do not recall getting "cold days" of from school.

In fact, other than the Blizzard of 1978, I do not recall many snow days, either. We pretty much had to hike through the inclement weather.

I'm not sure if we are better off having more days off, but I'll bet there are fewer lawsuits.

microdot said...

I hate winter. I grew up in Detroit as well and remember being so cold at 6 am waiting for the bus to go to Cass Tech that my lungs ached.
Well, if you want some relief, I posted a few pictures of a walk on Sunday here where it reached almost 70 degrees...not sure exactly because of the conversion from Centigrade.
You do have my sincere sympathy!

microdot said...

I watch CBS news somettimes on the SKY satellite network and last night I was up late and saw frozen Toledo featured in the report!
I hope that weather pattern stays on your side of the Atlantic!
The warmish temps here have pushed spring too far along and a cold snap like that would really do an awful lot of damage to plants!