Feb 6, 2007

On Dream Vacations

Photo of a villa in Tuscany All of us have some destination in mind for our ultimate vacation, were money and time not the deciding factors. One of the places I would like to visit is the Tuscany region of Italy.

I have always had a fondness for the Italian peninsula, and Tuscany in particular calls out to me as much or more than any other place I have dreamed of visiting. I am not sure why this area has such allure to me; perhaps there are a few Florentines in my variegated heritage.

My Italian for reading is fair, but I speak it like a Castillian, and I'm sure people would snicker as I butchered the language. No matter - within a few weeks I can speak almost any language like a native. Linguistic mimicry is one of my hidden talents, but knowing how to say "How are you" in a dozen languages is not worth much in the marketplace.

While we are on the subject of matters Italian, a quick word about the possibilities of owning Italian property. Some of my readers, I know for a fact, are far from impoverished, and if you are in a position to purchase a nice Tuscan villa, thank the post sponsors and click on the above link to learn more.

How about you? What is your dream vacation?

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Maggie Thurber said...

There are a lot of places that I'd like to visit, but my dream vacation we actually take each year...sun, warm, beach, fishing, snorkling, good food, good weather, a place where they know us and welcome us back every year. No matter where we travel, it's the place I want to return to year after year...

Although Sardinia looks like a fun place to visit...