Feb 22, 2007

On Smiling Fates and Unexpected Blessings

Winter sun or smiling Fates in Toledo Ohio, February 2007 (Toledo, OH) I rose this morning knowing I had to complete a task that I had been avoiding for two weeks. I was named in a stupid lawsuit (read: fishing expedition) in which the plaintiff's lawyer sued everyone with any connection to the matter at hand.

Anyways, I decided to answer the summons with a pro se response, as a) I don't have money to waste on a lawyer at the moment; and b)odds are I will be dismissed from the proceedings.

After several hours of painstaking research and formatting my response to meet the requirements of the court, I set out to begin what I thought would be an arduous journey through legal bureacracy. It was then that the Fates decided to smile upon me.

At my first stop, the Post Office, I encountered no line, and was in and out in four minutes with my postal needs. I next proceeeded to make every light on the trip downtown; this was no small feat, considering I passed through at least a dozen traffic signals.

My fortunes continued to improve, as I found an open meter on Adams Street in front of the courthouse. Better still there were 31 minutes remaining on the meter.

I entered the clerk's office to find... no line for service. The counter rep looked the paperwork over... no errors. Best of all, I did not have to shell out as much as a nickel for the filing, since I had the foresight to bring extra copies. The total time spent on the judicial journey was less than 45 minutes, and I had not a single snafu in the entire trip.

While I am still irritated that several hours of my life have been wasted on a pointless lawsuit, I could not help but feel that the Fates, karma, or the Lord Almighty were intervening on my behalf this morning.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

Every once in a while you run into a streak of good Karma; it must have been your turn.