Feb 25, 2007

A Rise in Russian Spam

Image of Russian spam, Cyrillic text, in Microsoft Outlook (Toledo, OH) Over the past year I have seen a tremendous rise in the volume of spam with a Russian origin. On some days the Cyrillic-based spam exceeds that of English language origin.

Here is a rough translation of the text of the email; my Russian reading skills are rusty, but I gave it my best effort:
"Fast, quality advertising with email. The price of the product includes: Consulting, layout, delivery. Individual approach to each client. A flexible system of discounts. We are VERY pleased that you have chosen us!"
So, a Russian spam email about spam emails.

I will be removing my email as a hotlinked embed from my web pages, as I suspect that Russian bots are scouring the net for live emails. I'll add a short post with the AT and DOT attributes for people to reach me, as the spam filters I use seem unable to recognize Cyrillic text when I have tried to write rules to filter out this spam.

I am curious if you, too, have experienced an uptick in Russian spam.


Anonymous said...

I use Yahoo mail, and I don't get much spam. Can't say I've had any Russian spam sneak through but I get some Nigerian 419 scams sometimes.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Yes, and it isn't necessarily always about advertising, nor is it always in Cyrillic.

jeff said...

Oh yes. I work for an ISP and some of our addresses get almost nothing but Cyrillic spam. The rest of it looks like Hebrew or Arabic...