Feb 26, 2007

UT Team Improves in NCAA College Bowl

(Toledo, OH) The University of Toledo's College Bowl team traveled to Athens, Ohio this weekend for the 2007 College Bowl regional championships. UT posted a 4-5 record and finished tied for sixth place this year, up from its 3-8 record and tenth-place showing in 2006.

Billed "The Varsity Sport of the Mind," four-player teams in College Bowl compete by answering questions. It's a bit like the television show Jeopardy, except the pace is faster, the questions are more difficult, and players do not win money.

While we hoped to win the tournament - bringing honor, glory, and fancy bling-bling back to UT - the team played competitively in every round (save a sound thrashing by the Bowling Green team in the early rounds).

In the future UT might consider stacking their College Bowl team with experts in a wider variety of disciplines (say, Literature, Mathematics, Chemistry, and History). The current method UT uses involves a playoff by various campus groups, and the History department has won two years in a row. Despite our overall knowledge of human civilization, we have some glaring holes in areas like the quadratic formula and the periodic table.

Ohio University's impressive Baker Center, scene of the 2007 College Bowl regional championships

Kudos especially to UT history student Justin Pfeiffer, who nailed some obscure question about the rock band Iron Maiden, as well as teammates Jackie Hinkle and Jed Vacarro, who helped win games with some superb play. Nicole Cassidy could not make the trip due to her wedding shower, but she was there in spirit.

Congratulations to Matthew Luby of The Ohio State University, who took first place in individual scoring. Historymike came in second place in the region, but I bow to Messr. Luby, who exhibited a cool demeanor and an incredible command of obscure facts in our head-to-head matchup.

And, OSU? You KNOW you were sweating when UT was down by only 50 points late in the game, at least before you poured it on and scored an incredible 100 straight points to finish big. OSU eventually posted a 9-0 round robin record and won the regional tournament for the second year in a row.

Our favorite team was from host school Ohio University, whose students played competitively and had fun. Some of the teams were a bit too driven to win for our liking; lighten up, y'all! It's supposed to be a good time, not a bloodbath.


MP said...

Solid improvement for the team. Fight on Rockets.

Hooda Thunkit said...

To my way of thinking, if you can't have fun, what's the point?

Congrats to UT and to HistoryMike!