Mar 18, 2007

Cardinal at Dusk

Northern cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis

(Toledo, OH) I post most of my photos at my photo blog, but I was particularly taken with this image of a cardinal. The bird was about 40 feet in the air, and I didn't have my zoom lens with me, but his brilliant red feathers glowed against the cobalt blue backdrop of the fading early spring sun.

It had been months since I last heard a cardinal in this area. Click here for a 55-second clip of the Northern cardinal song.


Barb said...

I enjoyed the bird! Saw one behind my house the other day, in the ravine.

microdot said...

My favorite North American bird.
Well, one of them...but there is no bright red bird here in Europe.
There is a bird here that people refer to as a robin, but it is a small sparrow sized bird with a red breast (a rouge gorge in French) not at all like the robust big birds that inhabit the lawns of America.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Yeah, I've been seeing cardinals in my flowering crab out back for a while now, but it's only ~25 feet tall.

Very vivid against the bare branches and a cloudless sky.