Mar 6, 2007

On Scooter Libby and the Decadence of American Politics

Lewis The conviction today of Lewis "Scooter" Libby, a former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, on four counts of obstructing justice, lying and perjury brings to a close one chapter in this saga.

Libby faces up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $1.25 million after the convictions, although he still has options of pressing for a new trial and appealing the decision of the current jury.

It appears that Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will close the CIA leak investigation, which he described as "inactive." Unfortunately, the American public will be denied a chance to find out whether or not Karl Rove, the Vice President, or even President Bush knew of the circumstances surrounding the outing of Valerie Plame and the efforts to prevent this information from going public.

Can you say "fix?" If this case indeed has merit, Fitgerald should call another grand jury and subpoena every member of the White House. Instead, we are left with this half-hearted effort, one that fails to definitively answer whether there was a real coverup, or whether the special prosecutor simply engaged in the age-old tradition of political witch-hunting.

And I cannot help but agree with the widespread assessment that Libby is a fall guy for the entire sordid affair, but I must confess that my post-Watergate cynicism clouds my ability to remain completely objective.

This case, moreover, is another execrable episode marking the depths to which our faith in the American political system has sunk. Most of us - irrespective of political affiliation - believe the worst in our representatives, and today's conviction of Scooter Libby merely reinforces the widely-held notion that Washington is a city filled with thieves, scoundrels, and back-stabbing opportunists.


Anonymous said...

Mike, it may be that the Plame leak investigation stops here -- but that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be off-shoot investigations. I believe Fitz's realm is pretty much wherever the evidence leads him.

To me, the real crime goes back to the process of deciding to go to war, THEN coming up with the reason. The forged Niger document that began the yellow cake saga is where I'd go, were I a prosecutor. Who created it and at whose direction?

historymike said...

My suspicion is that this is one of those instances where powerful people bring a lot of pressure to bear on those who make the decision about whether or not to continue investigating.

Perhaps our Washington power brokers have "decided" for us that it is in everyone's best interest (well, except for dead Iraqi civilians and dead US soldiers) to stop the digging right here, with Libby.

Is this a conspiracy? Hmmm... I prefer to call it "business as usual."

Admittedly, I am a cynic. Perhaps there will be more grand juries convened, or perhaps someone will develop a conscience in the Administration (assuming, of course, that there is smoke to all this fire).

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is a Democratic payback for Monicagate. Libby is a good man who got railroaded. Enjoy your party, moonbats!

microdot said...

moonbats, now dems fightin words...cheezopeeza...does it get any lamer than that. It's like a driveby delivered by a alzheimer victim in a squeaky wheelchair.

historymike said...


I am puzzled by the term "moonbats" as a pejorative.

Methinks that users of the term "moonbats" sound pretty goofy, and that the recipients of the term "moonbats" might wear it proudly on their lapels.

Anonymous said...

Moonbat, here.

I don't think anyone in power can decide Fitz's future course. If I read his original mission/assignment correctly, he was given free rein. Bush could probably step in and fire him, but short of that I don't think anyone can stop Fitz if he's inclined to lift a few more rocks.

The other "anonymous" apparently sees outrage over, well, oral sex -- and ourtage over the outing of a covert CIA agent as somehow comparable.

kooz said...

I'm a big time conservative. But I really think Hannity...Rush...Ingram...Coulter are really stretching in their "spin' on this case.

They have all brought up Clinton and his various that has anything to do with the Libbey case.

I even heard Ingram say Libbey's lie was not as bad because it was not under oath like Clinton's.

A a lie no matter when you tell it.

microdot said...

okay, my curiosity has been piqued,
voila, moonbat was a term invented in an article in 1835 which was a newspaper hoax perpretated by the New York Sun.
In the article, they claimed that the Astronomer, Sir Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell, had invented a telescope which he named the Batscope which enabled to him to discover a race of winged bat like creatures living on the moon.

Hooda Thunkit said...

”Unfortunately, the American public will be denied a chance to find out whether or not Karl Rove, the Vice President, or even President Bush knew of the circumstances surrounding the outing of Valerie Plame…”

Or if Valerie Plame was even outed, because even the judge has no clue as to whether Valerie was “covert,” or not. . .

But the dems got their pound of flesh and that is all that really matters..., to them.