Mar 20, 2007

On the Value of a Brisk Walk

I awoke today with a stiff neck and a sinus headache, not quite fitting the definition of "ill" but perhaps only running at about 80 percent of my physical potential. Words were not forthcoming on any of my writing projects, as I managed only a couple clunky paragraphs on a 4,000-word article I am churning out on the nineteenth-century unification of Germany.

It was time to go for a walk.

There are well-documented health benefits to taking walks that I will not spend any time here discussing, save to say that you should spend less time on blogs like this and get that blood pumping, folks.

Rather, I am intrigued with the connection between exercise and mental acuity. I left for the walk in a bit of an intellectual fog, and while I am still feeling a bit sluggish, my 20-minute walk did wonders for my thinking. In that period I came up with a few blog-worthy topics (including this one), and had a moment of clarity that helped me rethink how I want to organize the aforementioned article on the German Empire.

Moreover, I returned with an ounce of motivation to make some phone calls that I need to complete, and with an eye toward being productive today. The fresh air and my accelerated heartbeat are but two of the benefits of a brisk walk, and my day is better because I took the time to get my body moving.


News Grinder said...

Okay, that did it. You've inspired me to get off my rear & go take a walk. Thanks. I need it.

Hooda Thunkit said...

My pappy always said that anything that promoted circulation to the "glutes" also benefited the brain.

I often wondered what he REALLY meant ;-)