Mar 22, 2007

Site Improvements

Several people wrote me recently to inform me that the site has been slow in loading, and a check with some diagnostic tools at Alexa and Google confirmed this.

In response I jettisoned a bunch of things that cluttered up my sidebar, reduced the number of posts on my index page, and yanked some dead links. On my end the page seems to load quicker (at least twice as fast), but I do have a pretty ramped-up laptop.

As much as I love imagery, I will also toy with the idea of reducing the number of images I post.

I am curious if: a) you have experienced slow loads in the past; and b) the site seems to load more quickly now. Thanks!


Chris said...

i have had trouble in the past with the background obscuring the posts.

this looks and loads much better.

Hooda Thunkit said...

a) yes.

b) YES, much faster! especially at sub-dial-up speeds.

historymike said...

Thanks, Chris and Hooda.