Apr 17, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui: Driver's License Photo

Driver's license photo of Cho Seung-Hui, the gunman suspected in the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people deadLeft: Driver's license photo of Cho Seung-Hui (click for larger image)

This photo, provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia DMV, shows an image of Cho Seung-Hui, the gunman suspected in the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people dead.

Law enforcement sources told the Washington Post that Cho died with the words "Ismail Ax" scrawled in red ink on one of his arms, but that they did not know what the words meant.

Police identified Cho, a South Korean native and a resident alien who lived in Centerville, Va., as the shooter by linking the fingerprints at the scene to those on his immigration documents. Cho entered the country through Detroit with his family in 1992, at the age of eight.

Cho Seung-Hui graduated from Westfield High School, a Fairfax County public school, in 2003.

The photo was taken in 2003, when Cho Seung-Hui last renewed his green card as a legal permanent resident alien. More information about Cho Seung-Hui is available on an earlier post on the killer and the Virginia Tech tragedy.


Anonymous said...

What a handsome young serial killer.

Dariush said...

"Ismail Ax"?

Hold on a second... yep, just as I thought. The Little Green Fu**tards are all over this one, creaming their jeans at the possibility of an Islamofascistochinkopinkokimjongil connection:

For me the Ax of Ismail is a connection to Islam. His neighbor noted his demeanor and may have introduced the killer to Islam. The rejection by a female or females may have added to his bitterness and in his insanity he lashed out...


well, if he has Ismail Ax tatted on him, well...that's pretty blatant and obvious what that means if you ask me now...I suppose we're going to find out where he hung out at and with whom pretty soon...

oh, but don't mention that fact in the media...it's not violent martyrdom in the name of God...it's our "gun culture" that brainwashed him to hate us...


go ahead MSM...look the devil in the eye...

I dare ya...



Why are some of us so horny to bring Islam into this?

We are an islamovigilant community. We are trying to make sense of the terror brought on by a mass murder. Frankly, if this guy is a sudden jihadi, we would feel "right". As crass as it sounds, we believe (outwardly on just in some quiet corner of our psyches) that more might believe as we do if others see THIS evil linked with all the other evil that happens in that name.


Ismail Ax

Hmmm. I hate to say this since it will be construed as "hate speech" by the KOS Kids, but...

This guy sounds like a new convert to the RoP before he had a chance to complete an official name change. They call themselves "The Sons of Ismail." I don't think we have heard the last of this.

I think this is the main problem, the fact that everything right now is being looked at and blamed by the media and pundits atleast...everything BUT islam. We won't hear it all due to the silent list of things we can't discuss in the media.

I would prefer they either sthu until all facts are known or look at EVERYTHING while reasoning through it, including islam. To rule out islam at this point (even though it may not be the reason..I have NO idea..nothing has been released to make me rule it out) to me is being close minded. I rule nothing out until it rules itself out...PERIOD! But I'm a troubleshooter by nature I guess.


You fat piece of pork!

So Koreans despise pork? hmmmm...and his family came in through Detroit....hmmm...


So, is there a way to find out if this perp posted at Kos or Huff and Puff?


Koreans know a thing or two about racism. Ask any non-Korean who's tried to marry a Korean.


First point
There was an Israeli Holocaust survivor who acted as a hero at Virginia Tech U and who was gunned down and killed on Holocaust Memorial Day but his standing up to the murderer allowed some students to escape.

Second point.
I turned on Fox Cable News and the feed under the picture was disgusting! It said So Korean students were fearing they might become victims and fearing there might be a backlash and So. Korean diplomats were heading there because of the unwritten words "Americans are so racist you know!" Why the whining? How about expressing some sympathy you bunch of narcissists! How about acting like human beings? How about acting like you are part of the community?
This So Korean kid was the racist and an economic classist.


Is there a Korean group similar to CAIR who will begin making up phony hate crimes now?


One possibility is that he was an admirer. Kinda like how Hitler admired islam, even though he wasn't one himself. With the Nazi/antisemitism chic that's so fashionable in Korea (even though he's been here for a while), it could just be part of the romantic Gothic new-agey neosatanism that fascinates these types.


And so it continues...

Anonymous said...

a mental case with no social skills seeking attention. goes to show you that it all starts at home.

Anonymous said...

Richard McBeef was funny. Mediocre and half assed, but funny.

It makes no sense and it reads like an 8 year old wrote it.

If your students are taking cell phone pictures of you, come on they're obviously fuct in the head.

There's thousands like this guy, in every campus in the United States. The world even.

Piss on those turds.

Anonymous said...

33 is a degree of a dark order - ALADIN SAIN

Anonymous said...

Right, all you losers talk like you know every damn detail of his life and his intentions. Shut your god damn mouths.
Trying to psycho-analyze him using bits and pieces of news from the day after it happened and connect this terrible tragedy to islam because of the word "ismail." You people should be ashamed of yourselves.
God rest the souls of those poor people he killed.
As for you worthless assholes who talk like everyone should have known he was psychotic before this happened, you are the same rotten trash that he was before he killed all those people and himself. It's people like you and your know-it-all attitude that was probably his motivation.

Anonymous said...

The comment above me was very well said.

Dariush said...

For the record, the comments that I posted were from the Little Green Footballs weblog -- I do not endorse them, nor do I agree with them. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I posted them to show just what kind of insular, ignorant, paranoid and bigoted creatures populate the fevered swamps of the American right.

I thought I made all this clear when I referred to the blog as "Little Green Fu**tards", but I guess not.

Anonymous said...

it was either chinese or koreans. because with just these two cultures in mind, their education back home are very strict and demand the best out of all of them. When I knew it was a korean male, i would've thought he had stress issues do to school and pressure from parents to being the best. Korean parents want the best for their kids, since they went to school in S.Korea and over there it had a tougher education than the U.S.A. does.

Barb said...

Dariush --the Toledo blade account describing the extreme quiet and alienation of this student and his gruesome writings --not even answering his roommate's attempts to talk to him --teachers referring him to counselors --all suggest that everyone realized he was sick and even dangerous. But you just can't take such people into custody for being anti-social until they break a law.

I suggested that if he had to be a citizen to buy a gun, he couldn't have bought the guns with his green card --and why should he be able to get a gun with a green card? A friend said there are probably a lot of non-citizen shop owners in dangerous areas whose guns are a deterrent to crime.

It'a a tragedy all around --that one should be so alone and angry, refusing offers of friendship --and then erupting in hatred against strangers this way.

Of course the radical Islamic terrorists do the same with their suicide bombings.

There is evil afoot --and the bible says it comes from within--our sin nature that needs to be redeemed...

Barb said...

Or rather --WE need to be redeemed --bought back --from the Evil One who enslaves.

Anonymous said...

why do all of the sexy men end up dead?!