Apr 26, 2007

Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

Shameless self-promotion I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to learn that I have been awarded a three-year graduate fellowship by the University of Toledo. Only two are awarded by UT each year, so I suppose that I am in select company.

It is an odd sensation, though, for a guy who grew up on the west side of Detroit in a blue-collar, UAW neighborhood to think of himself as a "university fellow." Rare enough were the people in my neghborhood who actually went to college; most of the people I knew hoped to hit the employment lottery by getting one of the dwindling number of jobs in the auto factories.

And - given the fact that I have occasionally taken rhetorical aim at UT in editorials - I must admit that I thought my acerbic punditry might make me a bit of a longshot.

I can only surmise that my receipt of this prestigious award is due in large part to the letters of recommendation that my professors wrote, so I would like to publicly thank Dr. Carol Bresnahan, Dr. Michael Jakobson, and Dr. William O'Neal for what must have been some persuasive missives on my behalf.

The schizophrenic blatherings on this site must have been unavailable to the fellowship award committee, or I would have received a polite rejection letter, along with a recommendation to seek a prescription for lithium carbonate.


Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations Mike! If I ever get to Toledo (please God no) buy me a beer.


HumboldtsClio said...

There's nothing wrong with shameless self promotion, if you deserve it. And the whole history department knows that you do.

It amazes me that you can win a University fellowship and not even be considered for "Best History Graduate Student." If they didn't have such a stupid system, there's no doubt you would have won that as well.

Congrats on the fellowship, you've worked hard for it!

historymike said...

Thanks, JD, and I will buy you that beer should you ever travel to the barren inudstrial wastelands of the Rust Belt.

historymike said...


Thanks for the kudos.

As far as the other award, I have other years to compete, but agreed about the current system that necessitates a nomination before consideration.

Still, the winner of this year's Lapp Award, Arnette Hawkins, is a terrific person and someone who works trielessly for the department and the Eberly Center.

And heck - there's always next year.


historymike said...

That should be "tirelessly."

Hanson said...

I'll add my CONGRATS!

So, what does this mean: Will you be doing more intensive studying in your field, teach more? Get paid more or other perks?
-- Mike

historymike said...

Hi Mike:

With the fellowship I have all tuition and fees waved, plus I will receive a modest annual stipend.

This frees me up from the university obligations that graduate assistants normally perform (teaching, researching, or assisting a tenured professor).

This will also give me the ability to travel to Europe and/or Latin America during a given semester to do research at archives, since I will not have any of the aforementioned duties.

I will also have more time to publish, or to pursue other fellowships, such as the Fulbright.

Anonymous said...

hi mike -

congratulations! good for you!

Roo said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Mike! You certainly deserve this!

How about I come up with a research/restoration project for ya? LOL

Again, Congrats! I'm proud to know a 'University Fellow' and all around good guy!

Roo (aka DoKnowDoCare)

Maggie Thurber said...


Hooda Thunkit said...


I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer,dropping out after 3 years and settling for an Associates Degree, but I admire and marvel at your enormous range of knowledge and interests.

Clearly those in academia recognize and appreciate your work, or you would have gotten a short but courteous rejection.

Well done and congratulations. IMHO you DESERVED it!