Apr 22, 2007


(Wyandotte, MI) These chicken-sized seagulls are perched atop a light fixture in Wyandotte's Bishop Park, which is located on the Detroit River.

They seemed to be standing guard over the happenings in the park, occasionally screeching at passing birds as they remained on the lookout for proffered hot dog buns or potato chips from parkgoers.

Or perhaps they are working with the Wyandotte Police, who drove through the park to tell my wife that our dogs Jimmy and Candy - like all canines - are not permitted in Bishop Park. This is the first public park I have encountered that bans pets, but who am I to argue with a uniformed officer?

We just pretended to take them out of the park, and then surreptitiously hid them under a table for another hour while we visited. Down with the man!


Anonymous said...

I think they would peck out the eyes of their own mothers - they look EVIL!


ohdave said...

Mike, I've been negligent about putting you in my blogroll. Apologies. Stop by sometime at www.ohdave.net

Hooda Thunkit said...

I knew there was the heart of a rebel lurking within you ;-)