Apr 3, 2007

Geriatrivores: Preying on Senior Citizens

There is a group of human scum so reprehensible that I decided they needed a new word invented for them: geriatrivores. These are the sociopathic leeches who target the elderly for crminal gain, be it of a financial or sexual nature.

I have two examples I would like to share with you about geriatrivores who preyed upon people I know. The father of a friend of mine, who is in his seventies, began to experience diminished mental functions a few years back. He was living alone, and became acquainted with a supposed vodoo expert who convinced him that she could "cure" his problems.

One technique involved burning thousands of dollars worth of cash, as his "love of money," naturally, was the source of his ills. Of course, the "voodoo expert" simply switched the paper bag containing the cash with one containing ripped-up pieces of paper.

The other geriatrivore struck much closer to my home. In fact, this piece of human debris struck up a friendship with my 82-year-old nextdoor neighbor, who is in second stage Alzheimer's disease. He still has moments of clarity, but was getting to the point where he needed home health care.

This particular geriatrivore, a woman with serious drug problems, cleaned my neighbor out of nearly $80,000 in a little over a year. Unfortunately, prosecuting this person will be nearly impossible, according to the police, because my neighbor is still considered a fully-functioning adult, and he willingly gave this parasitic crack addict access to his ATM card.

My neighbor's daughter had to move him to an assisted-living facility, but the damage to his savings and possessions can never be fixed: the money has long ago wafted away in the smoke of the crack pipes his "friend" helped stoke.

If there is indeed a Hell, may the geriatrivores be assigned an especially abominable little corner, filled with red-hot pokers and beady-eyed demons without remorse.


Anonymous said...

These are some sickos, no doubt.


The Screaming Nutcase said...

Calling all boomers: sit down with your parents, now, and talk about these things. Anyone with diminished mental capacity should have someone looking over his/her finances (assuming there is a relative trustworthy enough to do that)--financial powers of attorney, living wills, the whole works.

Do said...

After having spent a few years taking care of the elderly I can tell you that this happens more often than we hear about.

Most often, the victim won't speak up because they are embarrassed that they were duped so easily. And fearful that if they admit to poor judgment that the nearest family member/social worker will have them placed in a facility that controls their movements. The last bastion of independence is gone...

Personally, I have my own brand of justice for these types of beings, but it's way too graphic to put on your blog. Suffice to say.....it would make life very unpleasant for them.

MP said...

I think someone, judge or legislator, needs to change the law's definition of "fully-functioning adult." It seems clear to me, and probably the rest of us, that even someone in the initial stages of Alzheimer's is not completely fully-functioning.

Unfortunately, as is usual with health issues, the law is running behind the rest of society in recognizing this problem. Doesn't seem right.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Geriatrivores, such an innocuous sounding name for such calculating, evil people.

Taking advantage of defenseless people who simply trust in you is about the lowest any human can get.