Apr 20, 2007

Historymike Finally Joins Blogger Beta

I really wanted to convert to Blogger Beta.

Over the last seven months I engaged in several attempts to convert this site from old Blogger to Blogger Beta. During my last two tries the conversion process hit virtual snafus, shut down the site for 4-6 hours, and generally ended with me raising my fist and cursing Google.

This morning when I logged in to Blogger a new prompt appeared, promising me a simplified conversion.

"What the heck," I thought, clicking the required icons. To my surprise, VOILA! Instantaneous conversion.

I must now take back all the angry missives and barbed invectives I hurled at the behemoth Google. Now: why couldn't the first conversion programs work like this one?


mist1 said...

I didn't have a choice about converting.

I tried to convert once and couldn't because of the size of my blog. A few months later, I signed on and couldn't sign in without converting. I can't tell the difference between new Blogger and old Blogger.

Lisa Renee said...

It's okay until it comes to changing templates. Then? It's a nightmare, I switched a while ago but have not fully upgraded LCS because I don't want to lose my template and I will.

historymike said...


There are a number of publishing benefits to conversion, like post labels and easier photo upload, with the Blogger Beta.

But the biggest problem for me was that I had some blogs that were on Old Blogger and some on Beta, so I had to screw around with multiple accounts.

historymike said...


I have always been a template tweaker, and I just keep modifying the original antique-looking Blogger template.

I have a dread of jettisoning an entire template, perhaps a fear of the unknown.

Lisa Renee said...

The options for the beta templates are horrid, less options than under the old blogger and they are possible to tweak but more difficult. The widgets are nice, I do love that aspect but the "personal touch" aspect of not having your blog look like everyone else's that you and I find so important isn't something they have achieved yet.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Thanks to some help from Lisa, my conversion was fairly painless.

Now I have an easier time of adding new blogs and other links.

I still have trouble keeping up with everyone's blogs though...