Apr 21, 2007

How Much Are You Really Worth?

All of us have wondered at some point what our true value is on the marketplace. Well, perhaps not Derek Jeter and other highly-paid sports figures, but you know what I mean.

SalaryBase, which bills itself as "The Internet Salary Calculator," offers personalized salary reports using a variety of search criteria that users can vary. SalaryBase collects anonymous and comprehensive up-to-date salary data and shares this knowledge with users around the world, with the ultimate goal of shifting power back to employees.

The site is heavy on technology-related fields, and I saw no entries for jobs such as "history professor" that might pique my personal interest. Still, if you work in a field for which the site has collected salary data, you might find out just how much the man is sticking it to you. This was a sponsored post.


mist1 said...

I have the desire to click the link and find out what I could be making if I was a pimp or a drug smuggler.

Anonymous said...

PayScale.com has an salary calculator that covers more than IT positions. It can be found at http://www.payscale.com/salary_calculator.

It says the median salary of a history teacher is $40,500 to $78,000, which is a broad range. If you add your years of experience in the calculator after the basic questions, it will take your to a full salary survey where you can find out what other history teachers in Ohio make.