Apr 8, 2007

I Have Seen the Future of Blogging, and Her Name is Mist 1

I read a lot.

Books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, cereal boxes... my non-writing day is filled with reading, and I approach my reading with a zeal that borders on the compulsive.

Needless to say, much of what I read is not particularly remarkable (no offense to writers of text on cereal boxes). On occasion, though, I come across writing that is compelling and possesses a skill level that gives me hope for the future of literature.

Such is the case with Mist 1, whose current blog bears the title "To Do: 1. Get Hobby, 2. Floss." Equal parts Hunter S. Thompson, Mark Childress, and Dorothy Parker, Mist 1 displays an enviable sense of wit and timing that translates well into a blog format. Here is a sample paragraph from a recent post entitled "Gift Idea" about directions and traveling:
A few months ago, Mom gave me an atlas. She smiled at me warmly and told me that she would rest better knowing that I kept it in my car. Now I have an atlas in my car. I feel like one of those people with a Bible in their cars. I always think that they drive around with Bibles because they don't have insurance. I try to drive extra carefully when I am around them. Although, for a few years, I had a piece of turquoise in my car in lieu of insurance. It is supposed to to have protective qualities. I totally believe in the power of turquoise because when I rolled that vehicle down the side of a mountain with a recalled seatbelt, I walked away with only one little cut caused by the large knives that flew up from the backseat. I had a perfectly logical reason for having knives in the backseat.
I laughed out loud this dreary day reading some of Mist 1's prose, and this was a morning in which my sinuses caused my head to pound like a pianist wearing heavy wool mittens.

Read. Enjoy. Find some SineAid.


mist1 said...

I absolutely stunned to be the first to comment here. Clearly, many of your readers write cereal box copy and you have offended them. I suggest that tomorrow you write a post that is titled something along the lines, "There Are 7 Servings Per Container and It IS A Good Source of Fiber and 14 Vitamins and Minerals."

historymike said...

You may be right that I cultivate a readership of cereal box copy writers, Mist 1.

I will contemplate your advice in my efforts to lure these folks back here.

C said...

I luv Mist too. She rocks.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's that she's as funny as testicular cancer.

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Do said...

Dry humor based on real life. Easy to identify with, impossible to discount!

I wholeheartedly understand the post you referred to - seeing as my mother was very much like Mist1's mom. Instead of turquoise I carried a little gold plated angel in the glove box. I just knew she had more power than the insurance company!

As for the atlas ... Mother always said it was so that no matter where I wandered I could always find my way home.

As if there was ever any doubt...

LTLOP said...

That reminds me of comedian from a few yrs ago with the song "I don't care if it rains or freezes as long as I got my plastic Jesus!"

Hooda Thunkit said...

Don't forget the plastic St. Christopher, the bane of insurance companies ;-)

And the GOOD ones glowed in the dark too!