Apr 9, 2007

Living Under the Roar of Jet Airliners

Jet airliner approaching Detroit Metro Airport, DTW Jet airliner approaching Detroit Metro Airport; click for larger image

(Romulus, MI) My grandparents, who are now in their nineties, have lived within a stone's throw of Detroit's Metro Airport (DTW) almost all of their lives in a little house near Ecorse Road.

As a kid I used to go out in the back forty and watch the planes taking off and landing, my arms straight out as I emulated an airplane in flight. Back then you might wait five or ten minutes to see a plane, and it took some patience for a kid to wait for the next plane.

While visiting my grandparents today I decided to take some plane photographs on this chilly, dreary Easter Sunday. These days the planes arrive about every thirty seconds or so, and one flight path runs directly over my grandparent's house.

Northwest Airlines jet near Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) Northwest Airlines jet near Detroit Metro Airport (DTW); click for larger image

In the 1990s my grandparents qualified for some FAA soundproofing program, given the exponential increase in the amount of jetliners roaring overhead. This has considerably reduced the amount of noise homeowners have to tolerate. They also have cable television now, and no longer does an airplane passing overhead cause the television to go completely fuzzy.

Still, I stood in my grandparent's front yard for about twenty minutes, awed by the power of the jets and feeling like a little kid every time one of the airliners broke through the clouds. I'm too old to run around like an airplane, but I admit I thought about it for a minute.


Anonymous said...

Watch out Mike, or Homeland Security will pick you up for taking pics of the planes.


Carty said...

So, uhh Mike, are your grandparents deaf? I've got some land out along Airport Highway, real cheap. That way you can visit your grandparents more often and they don't have to worry about planes EVERY 30sec just like every other minute.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I think the first two posters were having a little fun at your expense ;-)

I'll bet that, if you asked your grandparents about the noise, they would respond, "What noise?"

Happy Easter Mike!