Apr 14, 2007

Mud Hens and Snow Showers

Toledo's Yorman Bazardo waits for the sign in a snow squall

(Toledo, OH) We really tried to stick it out for the entire game, but after three innings of enduring the slush of a mid-April snowstorm my family and I decided to pack it in with the Toledo Mud Hens leading 4-2 over the Durham Bulls.

As I check the scoreboard, though, it seems we just missed one of the rarest of baseball oddities - a snow delay.

Still, despite the 36-degree weather, good times are always had at a baseball game. My daughters actually enjoyed themselves, and I got to con them into believing that the sound of breaking glass after a foul ball was a pane in one of the luxury boxes. As of this writing I have not let them in on the gag.

Toledo's Yorman Bazardo unleashes a fastball against Durham's Elliot Johnson

By the third inning, though, the snow began to soak through our multiple layers of clothing, and even my diehard wife - who paid a mere $6 for six tickets to the game on eBay - began to rethink the merits of sitting in what was more like a cold rain.

Perhaps we will get lucky and get a cancellation, with a chance to visit Fifth Third Field on a day more conducive to baseball.


Anonymous said...

We went to the same game and sat through the almost 4.5 innings. It was an adventure for sure!

Not sure I'd do it again, but I was with a fun group. Cold? YES!!

We were able to turn in Sat tickets and see the rest of Sat game and Sun. game. Worked out well.


Hooda Thunkit said...

With the pushing the start of the season, I would ordinarily say...

But, this has been anything but an ordinary season, weather-wise. . .