Apr 5, 2007

New Feature - Premium Posts

This is the first of what I envision to be a weekly feature in which I link the most intriguing blog posts I came across this week. Part roundup, part link love, with the ultimate goal to simply increase awareness of some excellent bloggers I come across.

Microdot at the Brain Police has an unsettling post about the influence of Pat Robertson's Regent University in the Bush administration. Lisa Renee's Glass City Jungle has a lively debate about defining liberalism that pulls in quite a variety of opinions.

Hooda Thunkit asks tough questions about the City of Toledo and recycling, while Liberal Dem posts disturbing poll results on how Americans view US foreign policy.

Maggie Thurber posted information about the results and purpose of the Mobile Meals Chili Cookoff, and Chili Dog offers a pro-Buckeye analysis of the NCAA Final.

Jeffrey Smith provides us with an old image of Toledo Hospital, while News Grinder links to a blood-boiling report on 500 tons of nerve agent in Kentucky's Madison County.

Also, a quick shoutout to a fellow history grad student at UT, Historychic, who just joined the blogosphere, and who has an informative post on Michael Collins, Irish nationalist leader (or "bloodthirsty terrorist" if you are a Brit).

Got a post you'd like to recommend? Email me at mbrooks AT utnet DOT utoledo DOT edu.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Thanks Mike!

I am flattered to be mentioned with blogs of this caliber!

Are you sure you didn't make a misteak?


historymike said...

1. Yes, you belong, Hooda.

2. I'll get a better-looking image next week to replace the really low-budget blue ribbon.

3. Many times I am too pressed for time to leave comments on all the sites I visit, so I figured some high-profile links will atone for my inability to leave frequent comments on those sites I regularly scan.

News Grinder said...

Thanks for the link, Mike. I agree: the mess at that depot is blood-boiling -- yet I've seen nothing about it in the national news.

Historychic said...

Thanks Mike for including my blog in your post. I am very honored to be among such great company.

Maggie Thurber said...

thanks, HM, for including me! My goal is now to write something weekly that would qualify for consideration. You've provided me a good incentive!