Apr 7, 2007

On Visitors Who Hate Blog Ads and Paid Posts

I received this letter from a person who visits the site, and felt compelled to respond in public fashion for discussion purposes:

Dear Mike:

I used to read your work regularly, but I can't stand the paid posts you are putting up. I won't say I'll never visit again, but whenever I think of your site all I can think of are those obnoxious ads. You used to post a lot of cutting edge material but now you have gone commercial. You must be losing a lot of readers.
As I have endured similar emails and pointed barbs in the comments section in the past, I have to admit I no longer get worked up when I read letters like these.

A few thoughts, since this letter is similar in concept to others I have received (name withheld):

1. Sorry, but I live in a capitalist world, and I have bills to pay like everyone else. Running a site like this takes quite a few hours a week, and if I do not derive some income from the site, I cannot justify the time. When the revolution comes, and we all live in some sort of socialist paradise, let me know and I will drop the ads.

2. I am not sure what "cutting edge material" I no longer provide. I think my wide interests have stayed the same, although I have spent less time on political essays of late due to time constraints.

3. I usually provide a headline that makes ads stick out, so I would suggest just skipping the ads if you are that offended.

4. Do you rail against all forms of advertising, or just that which is found on blogs? It is hard to find a media site without advertising these days, but there are a few.

5. My readership fluctuates with the material I post. If something I write gets picked up by a major media site, my traffic goes through the roof. On the whole, though, this site averages a little under eight thousand unique visitors a month. Not bad for a gangly white guy who grabs the tough boards but who should never be allowed to take 3-pointers.


Helsinki said...

Bloggers who take ad revenue are clogging up the blogosphere with crap. Sorry, had to say it.

Anonymous said...

Mike - I read your blog regularly and understand the need for the ads. Keep up the good work.

SensorG said...


I wish you didn't have to post ads, but I understand the necessity.

Keep up the good work.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Until they walk a mile in your shoes. . .

For me? I have no problem them, I visit/post when it is of interest to me.

And, I appreciate that you always gracefully mention that the ads are ads.

Well done!

WHAM! - It says it all said...

I have to leave a comment - sorry.

Every year I pay to update my SEO marketing Certificate. I spend more than 5 hours a week writing for my blog - giving information away free.

I don't ever remember any of the people who leave comments on my blog thanking me for the information offering to pay me 'fair wage' for the time and investment.

You do not stop watching television because they have advertisements. No one is boycotting magazines because they are 70% advertising - so why pick on people who invest their time bringing you something worth reading?