Apr 19, 2007

PC Backup: Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

Last year my trusty laptop crashed, taking with it many hundreds of hours worth of work. While the two-year-old machine was worth, at best, only a couple of hundred dollars at the time, even at $15 per hour my lost work easily represented over 20 thousand dollars worth of effort.

Luckily, my most important documents (thesis, dissertation, articles in progress) had been backed up on a stick drive, but I lost hundreds of PowerPoint lectures, articles, and essays.

Online backup is easier than you think, and Data Deposit Box™ can help you secure your data and intellectual property for as little as $2 per month per GB. You can be set up and running in under 5 minutes, and you can be assured of security, since all data is encrypted before it leaves your PC.

The company stores your data in this encrypted form, and the authentication traffic between your PC and the data center is also encrypted. Should you ever need to restore your data, the Data Deposit Box™ web interface uses the same state-of-the-art encryption technology to update your computer.

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